Beyond the Briefs
Murderers in our midst?
Published Thursday, 17-Jan-2008 in issue 1047
Two high-profile cases in the last two years involve the homicides of two wealthy gay men, both with connections to the gay porn industry.
Prosecutors in Pennsylvania are seeking the death penalty against two men charged in the killing of Bryan Kocis last year. Kocis, 43, was the owner of Cobra Video, an adult video production outfit.
Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra are charged with the homicide and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for both men.
According to, at a preliminary hearing in August, two medical examiners testified that Kocis died of massive blood loss after his head was nearly sliced off.
Luzerne County coroner Dr. John Consalvo testified that Kocis suffered between 28 and 29 post-mortem stab wounds before his home was torched in an attempt to cover up the killing last January.
Homicide detectives found Kocis’ computer in the charred remains of his rural home, and forensic scientists salvaged and reconstructed part of the hard drive. Through that process, they discovered a connection with the two suspects.
In July, Cuadra and Kerekes were charged in Virginia with racketeering, conspiracy to launder money and conspiracy to receive money from the earnings of prostitution. They settled with the government, leaving them penniless.
Kocis had been arrested in 2001 and charged with using underage male models.
Last year, Cobra Video settled a $1 million federal lawsuit in California against one of Cobra Video’s former actors, San Diegan Sean Lockhart, who appeared in Cobra films under the name Brent Corrigan The suit alleged breach of contract and trademark violations, claiming that Lockhart had continued to use the Brent Corrigan name and make money from it, even though it was trademarked by the company.
The second case involves the death of Colorado millionaire John Paul Kelso, who made his fortune in the debt collection business.
Kelso was found shot to death in his home in November 2006. Charged in his murder is Timothy Boham, who had worked for Kelso after giving up his career in adult film. Under the stage name Marcus Allen, Boham, who is straight, had appeared in gay Falcon Entertainment videos, including Little Big League, Through the Woods, Never been touched, and Ripe.
Police alleged Bonham killed Kelso during a robbery attempt intended to find money he needed for his pregnant girlfriend.
Boham is charged with first-degree murder and aggravated robbery. He was arrested without incident several weeks after the murder along the Arizona border with Mexico.
At the hearing, detective Aaron Lopez testified that, after his arrest, Boham said Kelso had asked him to go into the bedroom to cuddle. Boham allegedly said he then went into the bathroom and came out with his gun in his hand, put it to Kelso’s head and demanded Kelso open a wall safe where he believed Kelso was keeping a large amount of money.
There was a struggle, Lopez testified, leaving Kelso bleeding. The millionaire made an attempt to trigger an alarm in the room but it failed to go off. A blood smear was left on the alarm button Lopez said.
The detective testified that Boham said he then put a pillow over Kelso’s face as they continued to struggle, and the gun went off, killing Kelso.
Boham told the detective that he then went to a local hardware store, bought a saw and forced open the safe, but there was little in it except for some rings. He then removed a Rolex and bracelet from Kelso’s body and fled.
The prosecution maintains that the murder was premeditated, but Boham’s attorney told the court that there was no evidence that Boham had gone to the home with anything other than robbery on his mind.
Boham’s preliminary hearing was held today. Although his plea could not be confirmed before press time, he was expected to plead guilty by reason of insanity.
Robert DeKoven is a professor at California Western School of Law.

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