Our endorsements for state and local propositions
Published Thursday, 09-Oct-2008 in issue 1085
With a little more than four weeks before the Nov. 4 general election, the Gay & Lesbian Times will outline its endorsements for state and local propositions, City Council, City Attorney and president. This week, we provide snapshots at why we’ve endorsed state and local propositions on the November ballot.
Local Propositions
Proposition D will make the consumption of alcohol unlawful at city beaches, Mission Bay Park and coastal parks. We urge you to vote “yes” on Proposition D.
The alcohol-induced melees, brawls and public safety concerns at local beaches have created a hostile environment for children and families.
It is unfortunate a segment of the beach-going population has ruined it for the rest of us, who, from time to time, enjoy a beer on the sand during our Fourth of July celebration, but safety at area beaches should be of utmost concern.
We also urge readers to vote “yes” on Proposition S. Though some claim Proposition S would increase local real estate taxes, the bottom line is this: our children need to be equipped with the necessary resources for success, and they should be schooled in safe environments.
Proposition S allows the San Diego School District to sell up to $2.1 billion in bonds to fund school repairs and improvements. The infrastructure in our local schools is crumbling – leaky roofs, cracked sidewalks, hazardous building material and deteriorating portable classrooms are among some of the most glaring necessary repairs.
Money from the bonds will also fund updates to career/vocational programs, and updates to technology.
An independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee and annual audits will create accountability for this bond measure. Please vote “yes” on Proposition S.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition A, which would establish a regional fire protection parcel tax for improved and enhanced fire resources and services. Last week, we incorrectly suggested readers vote “no” on this proposition. We apologize for the error. Vote “yes” on Proposition A to increase fire protection in San Diego County.
Please vote “no” on Proposition B, which would amend the master plan by adopting “The Port of San Diego Marine Freight Preservation and Bayfront Redevelopment Initiative.” This proposition would, essentially, hand 67 acres of bayfront land over to developers.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition C, which would amend the charter designating the use of lease revenue from Mission Bay Park.
State Propositions
This week, two polls show the majority of likely voters will vote to pass Proposition 8 and ban same-sex marriage. For many in our community, this is the fight of our lives.
Proposition 8 is a no-brainer. If passed, Proposition 8 will amend the state Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry, and define marriage in California as a union between a man and a woman.
In May the California Supreme Court ruled it was unlawful to ban same-sex marriage and deny same-sex couples the protections and responsibilities afforded opposite-sex couples. During the last four months, we’ve seen committed gays and lesbians pledge their love and loyalty to one another, celebrating the legal recognition of their relationships, and their newfound rights.
On Nov. 4, voters will decide whether to strip those rights from same-sex couples. We cannot afford to be apathetic. Supporters of the ban have out-fund-raised us and have mobilized thousands of voters. This week, two polls show the majority of likely voters will vote to pass Proposition 8 and ban same-sex marriage. For many in our community, this is the fight of our lives. Please encourage your friends and family members to vote “no” on Proposition 8, and cast your own vote to protect marriage equality.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition 1A, which will create a safe, reliable high-speed passenger train linking Southern California to Northern California, providing relief to long-distance commuters. The transportation alternative will reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and global warming greenhouse gases and California’s dependence on foreign oil. Proposition 1A is a start.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition 2, which will require humane living conditions for confined farm animals.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition 3, which will authorize $980 million in bonds to fund the construction, expansion, remodeling, renovation, furnishing and equipping of children’s hospitals. Eighty percent of the bond proceeds go to hospitals that focus on children with illnesses such as leukemia, cancer, heart defects, diabetes, sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis.
Please vote “no” on Proposition 4, which would require a waiting period and parental notification before the termination of a minor’s pregnancy. In our opinion, the waiting period and parental notification will discourage teens from seeking family counseling, particularly in the case of rape or incest.
Please vote “no” on Proposition 5, which would shorten parole for certain drug offenses and will limit court authority to incarcerate offenders who commit certain drug crimes, break drug treatment rules or violate parole.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition 6, which would allocate funding for police and law enforcement, create 30 revisions to California criminal law adding new crimes and additional penalties, and increase punishment for gang-related offenses.
In our endorsements last week, we incorrectly encouraged voters to vote no on Proposition 7, a renewable energy initiative. We apologize for the error and any inconvenience it may have caused. Please vote “yes” on Proposition 7 to require utilities, including government owned utilities, to generate 20 percent of their power from renewable energy by 2010.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition 9, which increases victims’ rights in the criminal justice system and reduces the number of parole hearings to which prisoners are entitled. It also establishes victim safety as a consideration in determining bail or release on parole.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition 10, which would provide $3.425 billion to help consumers and others purchase certain high fuel economy or alternative fuel vehicles, and fund research into alternative fuel technology. It would also provide funds for research, development and production of renewable energy technology, and provide grants to cities for renewable energy projects.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition 11, which will change the authority for establishing Assembly, Senate and Board of Equalization district boundaries from elected representatives to a 14-member, independent commission comprising five Democrats, five Republicans and four members who do not identify with either party. This creates more independence and accountability in the districting process.
Please vote “yes” on Proposition 12, which will issue a $9 million bond to provide loans to California veterans who purchase homes and farms.

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