Gay Guide to Manhattan
The places to see and be seen at in NYC
Published Thursday, 16-Apr-2009 in issue 1112
All types are welcome at Fire Island Pines, but if you plan to visit Manhattan while you’re in New York, it’s best to know your place. Manhattan is too big for just one central gay area. The city has five – each attracting a different subset of gay.
Chelsea – Eighth Avenue between 14th Streets and 23rd Streets is where the muscle boys shop, eat and play. Best eats: Elmo, The Dish, and Cafeteria. Hot stores for tight duds that show off your great body are Barneys Coop, Jeffrey, Universal Gear and Scoop. Hot spots include G Lounge, Barracuda and the mega-gay dance club, Splash.
Hells Kitchen – Ninth Avenue between 39th and 57th Streets has recently toppled Chelsea as the prime center for the city’s gay community. It is where the young and hip boys live and hang. It’s also a great place to land a Broadway chorus boy. Best eats: HK Restaurant (on 39th St), Eatery, Ariba Ariba and Vinyl. Hot stores: Wear Me Out and American Apparel. Hot spots include Therapy Lounge, Vlada, Ritz and the chic haunt, HK Lounge.
East Village – If you prefer the dark, sinful gay scene, you’ll want to take the N train down to East 8th Street and troll the rock ’n’ sleaze fag underground. It is where leather daddies and skinny New York University boys intermingle and experiment with everything your mama warned you against. Best eats: Butter Lane, Lucky Chengs. Hot stores: stroll the booths on St Mark’s Place. Hot spots include: The Cock, Boiler Room, and EasternBloc.
West Village – What used to be the main hub for the gay community is now a straight-chick tourist trap for Sex in the City wanna-be looking to drop serious cash at the slew of high -end retail shops that have taken over the neighborhood. Christopher Street is still a fun place to visit, if only to get a taste of gay history. Best eats: Manatus and Lips. Hot stores: Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, and Ralph Lauren. Hot spots for white-hairs are Boots & Saddle, The Monster, and Stonewall Inn.
Upper East Side – If you’re over 50, looking to land a boy under 20 – or if you prefer the Asian persuasion - you’ll want to head over to Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It’s where the sugardaddes meet their boy toys. Best eats: Baluchi’s and La Mediterranee. Hot stores: Bloomingdales and Diesel. Hot spots include The Townhouse, and the Asian club, The Web.

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