Conversations with Nicole
Published Thursday, 07-May-2009 in issue 1115
It’s Mother’s Day weekend and Mama’s Day for Mama’s Kitchen is this Friday, May 8. I do expect calls, candy and gifts from all my “children of the corn.”
The outing of gay GOPers
This past Monday, I received an e-mail outing gay closeted Republicans in Washington, D.C., including senators, congressmembers, past elected GOP lawmakers and congressional staffers. About 30 to 40 percent of congressional staffers are thought to be gay – both in and out of the closet. I agree with outing gay closet cases who do harm or do nothing for our community, like religious right-wingers and hypocritical public officials or publishers. Looking over this long list, I see members of Congress and staffers whom I personally know. Although, I wish they would come out, I do not believe they are causing us harm – especially GOP staffers and a certain GOP Congressmember from California. It is interesting that former Congressmember Duke Cunningham is on the list. Hmmm… No comment.
Four days in Arizona
Phoenix was one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, but now, since our economic meltdown, it’s no different from other national cities and suffers from loss of jobs and businesses. I was in Arizona to chair a board meeting, present an award to the Victory Fund and meet with North American GLBT activists and fund-raisers. In-Touch magazine’s publisher and assistant editor interviewed me for about an hour. I also enjoyed my time with the hard-working members of the Imperial Court of Arizona, who presented more than $30,000 to various nonprofits during its Reign III. It was great to meet Louis Garcia, a military veteran who is on his way to becoming the first elected Latino/gay man to a state office in Arizona. There are more than 30 GLBT bars and clubs around the Phoenix area.
While in Arizona, I met people who were at the anti-Anita Bryant rally in Tucson in the 1970s. I spoke at that rally outside the auditorium where Anita Bryant gave her anti-gay teachers “Save Our Children” speech.
I really want to thank my host, Phoenix businessman Michael Gaffney. Also in Arizona from San Diego were City Commissioner Robert Gleason, Victory Fund, businessman Rick Ford, Emperor Chris Grinston and members of the Imperial Court de San Diego.
John Primavera, you poor, bitter queen
Anyone covering the GLBT press has become used to the ranting and negative “letters to the editor” from the infamous John Primavera. Many of us have come to ignore this bitter queen, who would probably have a heart attack if he ever wrote a positive letter. As the decades have come and gone, you, John Primavera, have become even more bitter, and, yes, just plain nuts. Like it or not, Jose Julio Sarria was the first openly gay candidate to run for public office in 1961. (Check out the film, Before Stonewall, Victory Fund, NGLTF and countless historical books and writings.) A year before, closet case, Gore Vidal ran for public office, but he never acknowledged that he was a homosexual and didn’t come out ’til years later. You say, you remember because you were 18 years old. Could it be too many LSD trips that screwed up your memory, John? You say, you haven’t seen Jose around too much. Why? Well maybe, because Sarria, who is a World War II veteran, is 87 years old and is not in perfect health. He will, however, be in San Diego on May 22 for the premiere of the Harvey Milk Diversionary Breakfast. Primavera, in your letter you imply that the activism and leadership of Harvey Milk and the late Dr. Brad Truax are “concoctions” created by me. You have really become twisted, John; you need help. The historic documentation and data on the lives of Sarria, Milk and Truax are countless. John Primavera, your insanity and bitterness are made clear in your countless negative letters; they are the ravings of a mad man.
You can nominate for the Nicky Awards today
It’s Nicky Awards nomination time and, yes, you can nominate any individual, business, organization and/or event. To find out the 2009 Nicky Award categories and to nominate, visit The “gay Academy Awards of San Diego” is set for Sunday, June 14, at the Birch North Park Theatre. For more information, call 619-602-9453 or 619-692-9076.
Universal Hillcrest turns one!
One of the hottest nightclubs on the West Coast, Universal Hillcrest is celebrating its first anniversary starting this Friday night. Just follow the crowds. The nightclub is planning all kinds of wild theme parties with the Yin/Yang Anniversary Party. It will include those edgy, rebellious Tokyo nights and a special appearance by Mini-Britney. Congratulations to everyone at Universal Hillcrest.
Patchwork Pictures filming this weekend
As I’ve written before, Patchwork Pictures, a documentary company, is producing a film about me and my activism from the 1960s to now. The documentary will cover everything “from the streets to the suites of power” and will center on my political and charity involvement and work with the International Imperial Court System. Patchwork Pictures will be in San Diego this weekend to shoot, what is called in movie lingo “b rolls,” or crowd footage. So, if you see me around town being followed by two great lesbians from Seattle, you’ll know what’s happening.
Doug Manchester to announce his support of gay and lesbian domestic partnership
Word has it that prominent business owner Doug Manchester of the Manchester Hyatt will announce Friday his support of domestic partnership. Manchester is also said to be making a contribution to a GLBT community organization. The Manchester Hyatt has lost millions because of the boycott. Word is this will have no affect on the boycott which will continue.
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