The Ten Tenors will brighten the holidays at the San Diego Civic Theatre
Published Thursday, 03-Dec-2009 in issue 1145
Internationally renowned Australian group The Ten Tenors returns to San Diego! The Ten Tenors Holiday will feature their best-loved songs from their new album Nostalgica as well as holiday classics. The group has come a long way since humble beginnings as uni students at Queensland Conservatorium of Music, performing as a way to earn some pocket money, to becoming one of the most successful worldwide touring acts today, averaging 250 international concerts each year. Currently featured are Tenors Dion Molinas, Tod Strike, Benjamin Clark, Jeff Teale, Graham Foote, Steven Snowden, Dominic Smith, Stewart Morris, Boyd Owen and Luke Kennedy. The Ten Tenors Holiday will bring cheer to San Diego Civic Theatre, from Tuesday, Dec. 8 through Sunday, Dec. 13.
Nostalgica, their eighth studio album, set out to capture the intimacy between themselves and the audience during live performances, whilst invoking nostalgic memories of people, places or times in history. The songs range from Mexican best-sellers to post-war classics to jazz; including “Granada,” “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” Louis Armstrong’s classic, “What A Wonderful World;” their most requested song, Irish favourite, “Danny Boy,” and “Besame Mucho.”
With an unparalleled palette of repertoire, The Ten Tenors have taken their passion for quality music and powerful singing to London’s Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, LA’s Shrine Auditorium, Tchaikovsky Hall Moscow, most recently to Korea and Germany. They are delighted to be sharing this latest step in the journey with San Diego audiences.
The Ten Tenors member, Dion Molinas, took time out of the groups busy touring schedule to give some insight into the how these very popular Aussie blokes will brighten the holidays with a repertoire currently selling out in cities across the world!
Gay & Lesbian Times: The Ten Tenors often make appearance on public television networks, in fact you were just on PBS in September on Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon in Las Vegas. Why do you think public television programming is still important?
Dion Molinas: We are always so happy to be involved with PBS. It allows all different art forms to be accessible to all people who might not have the means to attend live performance. There are also some great informative forums that deal with everyday subjects like politics and education.
GLT: The Ten Tenors are involved in several fund-raising activities. Tell readers more about the Mo’s (moustaches) you are sporting these days.
DM: We are always excited about participating in, or lending our talents to worthy causes and currently we are taking part in “Movember.” It was an initiative started back in 2003 in Australia by a group of about 30 guys where, for the month of November, you down your razors and grow a moustache. It’s all about raising awareness and funds for men’s health, in particular, prostate and testicular cancer as well as depression in men. Since those humble beginnings it has since spread throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and America raising around $47 million.
GLT: It is widely believed that 10 percent of the population is gay. Does this theory hold true for the Ten Tenors?
DM: Yes, I had heard this statistic and by coincidence it is applicable to The Ten Tenors so there must be some truth to it.
GLT: There must be a whole lot of testosterone flowing up there on stage. How do you ensure that egos don’t overpower each other?
DM: Actually there’s never really been a problem with egos, I think that comes with the general way of thinking of Australians, which is quite laid back. Having said that, if it ever became an issue I’m sure it could be settled inside a boxing ring.
GLT: The Ten Tenors make both classical and contemporary music accessible to a group of fans that otherwise may not have such opportunities. What has it been like for you to be part of such an amazing group of men?
DM: One of the best things about being in this group is having the freedom to perform all genres. Each program that we present is chosen from within so they are songs that we all really love listening to and in turn performing.
GLT: What can concert goers expect from your holiday show here in San Diego Dec. 8-10?
DM: Expect a show with classic songs from the 1920s all the way through to the 1980s and holiday tunes that everyone loves. Also some songs that our show wouldn’t be complete without like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “The Boxer” and “Nessun Dorma.” ALL THE INFO
What: The Ten Tenors Holiday
When: Tuesday, Dec. 8 through Sunday, Dec. 13.
Where: San Diego Civic Theatre in Dowtown
Tickets: $15 to $72
Box Office: 619-570-1100

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