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New Year’s booty call
Published Thursday, 07-Jan-2010 in issue 1150
If you’re definition of “getting booty” over the holidays equated to a 10 pound weight gain on your backside then it’s time to reverse those rear end blues and put some strut in that butt!
Getting back into “bootylicious” shape is going to take some effort; much more effort than you put into smacking down those delectable holiday cocktail snacks and libations. Fitness clubs are used to it. We get deserted in December and bombarded in January. As you make your way back into the gym this New Year, just remember: we know where you’ve been, we know what you’ve been up to and we know how to help.
The 10 pounds or so that you think mysteriously leaped onto your body during the past month actually got there by way of mouth; and you are going to get rid of them by way of blood, sweat and tears (well, tears only if you are a little wus – but it is going to take some work!).
There are two basic scenarios for gym goers in January. You are either getting back into your groove or trying to get into a groove. Either way, the first step has been taken. You are in the club. Good for you. Now let’s move on.
There are two basic scenarios for gym goers in January. You are either getting back into your groove or trying to get into a groove. Either way, the first step has been taken.
So what do you do? My first advice is to get with a personal trainer. If you are getting back into your groove a trainer can create a whole new workout program for you and re-ignite your enthusiasm. If you are trying to get into a groove then you should hold yourself accountable to another person who agrees the size of your bum is too big and knows what to do about it. Time spent with a personal trainer can quickly move you toward your fitness goals with a plan, a program and a positive outcome.
If working out with others sounds more fun to you (I like to call it “peer pressure” workouts), then get into a cool cycling or group fitness class. Many clubs offer all kinds of booty-kicking classes from kickboxing and ballet bar to weight training workouts and boot camps. There are also booty-shaking classes like hip-hop and salsa, cardio strip and capoiera (which is really not a dance class, but it is Brazilian, and they shake everything!). The opportunities are endless. There are classes for everyone, so there are no excuses!
Once you get into your workout groove, it’s time to back away from the table and start all over with a clean plate. You will never look, feel or be any better than the food you choose to put into your body. Period. It’s that simple. Get with a registered dietician who can guide you to the right food choices for your individual needs and workouts. Dieticians are the real deal. They have educational and professional requirements they have to meet and can create eating plans based on your health history and future goals. Don’t guess or rely on other’s opinions. I’m always amazed how many people still rely on fad diets and quick fixes. Ugh! Do it all right the first time and you won’t have to lose this weight again in a few months down the road.
Remember “Baby’s got Back”, Sir Mix A Lot’s anthem to nice read ends? Well “Booty” may be in the eye of the beholder; but “booty-full” ends up in everyone’s eyes! Your official 2010 “bootie call” is here! Get up, get in the gym, get with a trainer, get in a class, get good food and get it in gear!
Connie Cook is the Group Fitness Director at Fit Athletic Club in Downtown San Diego. For more information about getting “fit” in your life, call 619-764-5348 or visit

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