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Why vote on Tuesday, June 8?
Published Thursday, 03-Jun-2010 in issue 1171
Why vote on Tuesday, June 8? The simple answer is that it matters. If you care about the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Marriage Equality, property taxes or even having the giant pothole in the middle of your street filled… vote.
Our community can play an incredibly important role in every election campaign, and mid-term and primary elections are no exception. These are the elections that many people overlook. When there’s no presidential election and the ballot seems filled with confusing propositions, some of them seemingly misleading, it’s easy to think that maybe, just this one time, your vote won’t really matter.
Don’t believe it for a minute.
A lot happens during the primaries. For instance, there is a group in San Diego (backed by some of the same people who brought us Prop. 8) that believes, “Courts have made numerous decrees in California and the nation that threaten our religious freedoms, our rights of conscience and preborn life.” They seek to change our courts by voting in a slate of judges to “unify the moral vote.”
You may have an opinion about whether or not that’s a good idea. But the only way you can effectively express that opinion is to vote.
Voting is one of the most important, effective ways we have to make a difference – a difference not only on issues of our own equality, but on the universal concerns we share as GLBT Americans, including the war, health care, the economy, employment, education and foreign relations. It’s one of the most powerful ways you have to make your voice heard.
We are a sought-after voting bloc – just look at the increasing number of candidates appearing in GLBT forums, speaking exclusively about issues of specific concern to the GLBT and allied communities, and actively reaching out to our community for volunteers, for dollars and for votes. It is a fact – GLBT people and our supporters are an integral part of campaigns. We can’t afford wasted opportunities to advance equality.
Voting is more than just an opportunity to make our voice heard in our own government; it’s also one of our most powerful ways to help build a better future for our own community.
Voting is more than just an opportunity to make our voice heard in our own government; it’s also one of our most powerful ways to help build a better future for our own community.
If you are not yet registered, you won’t be able to vote in the primaries, but you can still register in time for the general election in November. There are three options:
1) register online at
2) pick up a postcard registration form at the Registrar’s office (5201 Ruffin Road, Ste. I, San Diego, CA 92123), the Department of Motor Vehicles, any city clerk’s office, U.S. post office or public library
3) call the Registrar’s office at (858) 565-5800 and request a registration postcard.
If you are registered but would like to begin receiving vote-by-mail ballots in November, you can submit your request at or by calling (858) 565-5800. Voting by mail gives you the opportunity to take your time to complete your ballot and ensure that unforeseen circumstances like work, illness or travel, don’t keep you from casting your vote. For more information about voting in San Diego, please contact the Registrar of Voters at (858) 565-5800 or
Vote on Tuesday, June 8. It matters to all in our community.
Delores A. Jacobs is chief executive officer of The San Diego LGBT Community Center.

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