In the Pit
Happy Pride Bears, Otters, Leather and GLBT’s!
Published Thursday, 15-Jul-2010 in issue 1177
Is it me or does it seem like there are waaaaaay too many events in the month of July? Last year Lazy Bear Weekend founder, Harry Lit, announced a one year break from what has become (in my opinion) the biggest and most fun bear event in the country. I had thought it was a good idea to give us a break and let us catch up on the sleep we’ve missed for the past fifteen years. But no! A few months after Harry’s announcement, “Bear Market” popped up and will happen the same weekend that was reserved for Lazy Bear at the Russian River. So once again we’re back to the beautiful “Mayberry RFD” of northern California, Guerneville, for the last weekend in July.
Currently, bears are making there way to Provincetown for the 10th Anniversary of Bear Week. This is one of the best bear events on the east coast and the P-Town bears know how to throw a party! Even the bears in Turkey are embracing their natural hirsuteness these days. Aren’t all Turks “bears” or at least “otters”? If you’re lucky enough to be in Istanbul this week, then undoubtedly the reason will be to attend “Bearphorus International Bear Week”. They are expecting Turkish bears, Kurdish bears and their admirers to belly up to the bar, for days of traditional bear and “Oriental” events. If you haven’t booked your flight on Turkish Airlines, then take a look at It’s kind of the same thing as being there, but a lot less expensive with a lower rejection rate.
The hairy men of San Diego who decide not to go to P-Town or Istanbul will have a couple of opportunities to expose their inner bear this weekend. First, the dance that got the furry boys on the dance floor in the beginning, LLBear at Rich’s. This Pride weekend will feature DJ Brett Henrichsen mixing it for the hirsute and the guys in cow hide. Down the street a bit you can bump and grind with the big boys at Bacchus House Bear Night. DJ Jon Williams will spin at the special Grindr party there with a $5 cover before 10 p.m. Down the block and around the corner from Bacchus House leather men and women who had been at the Leather Realm earlier in the day will have a chance to ditch the cowhide and strut their stuff in underwear or jocks at the San Diego Eagle. The Eagle wants us to remind you that your jocks must be “street legal” which makes me wonder what the hell a “street legal” jock may look like. Dirty seems to be the theme for the action of this year’s pride with Bourbon Street bringing in the Men of Dirty Tony to dance at the Beach Ball Party on Saturday night. If you go there be sure to say hey to Dr. Chuck since I’ll be at some bear event in Seattle…I think.
Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather 2009 are extremely busy this week with events on opposite sides of the country. Christi is the chair of this year’s Leather Realm which happens at San Diego Gay Pride to provide outreach to those interested in learning more about the Leather / BDSM / Fetish / Kink communities. This year the Leather Realm has a new location and will no longer be in the wood chips to the delight of the vendors, presenters, staff and all the attendees. Look for them in the grassy area that formerly was known as the wine grotto. By-the-way, the Leather Realm is still looking for bootblacks. If you are interested, check the website for more. On the other end of the spectrum, Mr. San Diego Leather 2009, Bryan Teague is preparing to compete at American Brotherhood Weekend (ABW). A leather lifetime ago, Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather, Bill Mitchell and Sheryl Dee won American Leatherman and American Leatherwoman. Bryan is now competing and really deserves our support and heartfelt thanks as he takes this next step. At some point during Saturday’s Pride activities let’s remember to raise a glass to him and wish him well.
Pride is a great time to celebrate but over the weekend don’t forget those before us who paved the way and struggled so we can march in parades and wave rainbow colored flags. Be safe and responsible, because we want to see you all here next year. Happy Pride!

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