Mayor Jerry Sanders and Susan Atkins
Conversations with Nicole
Published Thursday, 22-Jul-2010 in issue 1178
San Diego has become the number 1 destination for Californians who want to take an in-state trip. So keep those welcoming smiles in place and hey, all you wonderful visitors... spend all your money and then get your butts home!
Thank you San Diego LGBT Pride
We all owe the new Board of Directors, staff and volunteers a very big thank you for making sure we had the best Pride ever. They all rose like the phoenix when, at times, many wondered if our pride parade and festival would happen. The new Pride Board stepped in and gave countless hours, days, and weeks of their life to make Pride 2010 happen. We should all let them know that we appreciate their hard work and leadership!
“Mi Familia” world premiere at The Center
Erica, Miss Gay San Diego 2010
The world premiere of the film “Mi Familia” will take place this coming Saturday, July 24 at The Center. This most moving film is about the challenges of Latino parents when they find out their sons or daughters are GLB or T. It’s a film that will make you smile and, yes, cry as it’s a wonderful film. Bravo to Carolina Ramos and Monica Esteban who made this film happen. You’re all invited (there will be a red carpet) this Saturday, July 24 at 6 p.m.
LGBT History Exhibit a success
Tomorrow, Friday July 23 is the last day you can check out the first LGBT History Exhibit at City Hall from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (202 C St.) This exhibit received wide media coverage and great attendance. Everyone has commented that it’s the best organized and visual community exhibit at City Hall. Our community should be proud.
Silicone Parties = DANGER DANGER
The hottest waiters are at Lei Lounge
Are people crazy?! Word is that the infamous Silicone Pumping Parties have returned to San Diego and are still getting customers. All this after people have died and have been injured by these “parties.” These are get-togethers of men and women wanting bigger breasts, sexier lips, cheeks and, yes, fatter penises. So a so-called nurse pumps them up with silicone for hundreds of dollars, all very illegal and dangerous. So be aware and don’t let your friends get “pumped.”
Nicky Awards Nomination Night: July 26th
Next Monday, July 26 the official 2010 Nicky Awards nominees will be announced at Numbers at 7 p.m. Yes, it’s the Nicky Awards Nomination Night when you will know who is up for the chance to win one of San Diego’s “Gay Oscars!” This year’s awards show is looking like another exciting and fun event! For more information, call 619-300-1232.
Keep your eyes on Bourbon St.
Jeff and Carlos of The Center
One of San Diego’s most popular hangouts has been Bourbon St. and now, it’s going through some exciting remodeling with, what will be, one of the biggest and most beautiful patios in town. Getting all ready for the summer. Yes, keep your eyes on Bourbon St.
Life at Shady Pines
I don’t know who said these are the so-called “Golden Years” for us seniors. But lately, it hasn’t been for many of us. These hot summer days could kill an old queen. Life here in Shady Pines is not as exciting as its portrayal in the “Golden Girls” but we do look after each other. Yes, I’ve had some rather difficult times lately, but some of the rumors are crazy, as I’m still kicking. And I will have a big announcement to make to all of you real soon. Stay tuned!
Leave your L.A. attitude at home
Well, every so often a queen comes into town with a Los Angeles superior attitude. The talk of the town is this queen named Marcellas Reynolds who was a loser in an early season of reality TV show “Big Brother,” whom also thinks of himself as some kind of fashion expert. Well, he talks his way into being one of the MCs of last weekend’s Pride Festival main stage. And gives everyone, not only a deep diva attitude, but gets in a fight with San Diego personality Ophelia and pulls her wig off! All hell breaks loose backstage and a “blog war” starts and “Miss Marcellas” threatens to sue everyone. But, of course, he is full of hot air. Marcellas is just one big bully and acts like he was doing San Diego a favor by bringing us his F List Hollywood social rating. Marcellas owes San Diego Pride, Ophelia and our community an apology for his unprofessional conduct. We San Diegans don’t need any L.A. attitude as we are indeed “America’s Finest City.” By the way, Ophelia took the high road and was a class act.

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