In the Pit
From boy to man
Published Thursday, 29-Jul-2010 in issue 1179
GLT gets up close with Bryan Teague, American Leatherboy 2010
Leather people from San Diego have practically held every major leather title including International Mr. Leather, International Ms. Leather, International Leather Sir, Ms. World Leather, International Deaf Leather, US Daddy and Boy, American Leatherman and American Leatherwoman. Last week Mr. San Diego Leather 2009, Bryan Teague, became the first San Diegan to win American Leatherboy. His victory completes the ABW (American Brotherhood Weekend) trio. According to my calculations and records, that’s a bigger collection of titles than any other city including the leather heavies: San Francisco, Los Angeles, DC, Toronto, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, London and Berlin. No wonder we have two weeks of “Leather Pride” which, next year, will be held from March 10th, 2010 through the 20th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!
Bryan Teague, American Leatherboy 2010, feels the secret to San Diego’s success is community support. “When things got very hectic for me, someone was always there to help me out so that I could focus. The community rallied behind me to help me get ready, volunteering their time, energy, and ideas. The fact that San Diego has completed the trio of titles for ABW tells me that we are a community that honors and nurtures both the dominant as well as the submissive roles. Our community is one that is well rounded with leaders from both sides of the coin.”
The San Diego community will rally behind Bryan Teague again tonight, July 29th, with a welcome home reception on the patio of the Redwing at 7:30 p.m. followed by a “Meat N Greet” at the Eagle beginning at 9:00 p.m.. These are open events and all San Diegans are invited to come by and congratulate our newest national leather titleholder. Now let’s meet American Leatherboy 2010, Bryan Teague.
GLT: After you stepped down as Mr. San Diego Leather 2009, the community supported your run for all other major titles. Why did you decide on American Leatherboy?
BT: The concept of family is very important to me. I saw and felt that in action when Daddy and I attended the American Brotherhood Weekend contest in 1998. I have always had great respect for the ABW titles family. When the time came for me to make a decision about a national or international title, the ABW titles were the only ones I considered. Deciding between Leatherman and Leatherboy was, ultimately, an easy decision as well. At my core, I am a boy. George Wong brought things in to focus for me when he asked me if I ran for American Leatherman, would I be willing to take my Daddy’s collar off to compete. I told him absolutely not. I would never remove my Daddy’s collar for anyone (except maybe the TSA). It’s true. While I am a Leatherman, I am a boy through and through.
GLT: How does winning this title fit into your plan for personal growth over your lifetime as a leather person and does it affect your personal life?
BT: Personal growth comes through interaction with others and being open and receptive to criticism and praise from others whose opinions matter to you. I know that the title will have an impact on me and cause personal growth in ways I would never expect. My plan for myself is to listen, learn and teach what I am knowledgeable about, and through teaching, learn more about myself as well. Holding this title will have a dramatic affect on my personal life. In 15 years together, Daddy and I have only spent very few nights apart. I have a relatively new relationship with my “puppy” that only recently moved in with Daddy and me. Before I ran for the title, the three of us sat down and discussed how winning the title would affect things. It is my challenge to balance my personal family life with running my own business and the requirements of my sash family and the travel that will be needed.
GLT: What can we expect from American Leatherboy 2010, Bryan Teague?
BT: Being a national titleholder is a little like walking a tightrope. I am very active in my local community. As I looked at the traveling that I wanted to do, I discovered that I am going to have to step my local involvement back a bit while still maintaining the core of who I am. The 3rd and 5th monthly Beat and Greets will continue, and I am hoping to expand the Beat and Greets to other areas this year. I will still do the annual fundraisers that I have done in the past and continue working with San Diego Leather Pride, but some of the day in day out work that I have been doing with my local organizations will need to be handed to someone new. I do have a platform and message that I carry with me. It is one of equal respect for those whose path allows them to explore a submissive role. One thing was made clear to me when I began my leather journey; I am a Leatherman. The fact that I choose to be a boy does not diminish that fact, nor does the fact that I am collared. Without that equal respect, people will be less likely to explore their submissive side. One of the things that I will be doing this year is a Daddy / boy relationship workshop. I’m still working on it, but will be putting together the write up for submission to several events across the country.
GLT: Any thoughts or words you’d like to share?
BT: If you see me coming bouncing towards you and you don’t cover your nose, it is considered fair game! Don’t forget to come to the Redwing tonight at 7:30 p.m. and the Eagle at 9 p.m.
GLT: We are all so proud of you, Bryan! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

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