Lorena Gonzalez and City Commissioner Shonee Henry
Conversations with Nicole
Published Thursday, 12-Aug-2010 in issue 1181
Well I just returned from a weekend in Palm Springs and it was 108 degrees. As for the event I went to, well, no comment. But I must say that the Riviera Resort’s new changes are outstanding and this place is fabulous. It was nice to see handsome Mayor Steve Pougnet again and his campaign for Congress is going great.
Support the Harvey Milk Stamp Campaign
Did you know that there has never been a U.S. Postage Stamp issued in honor of an openly gay American citizen in the history of our country? Well that could change next year or in 2012 as the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee in Washington D.C. will officially consider Harvey Milk! I have had the honor for the last few years of being the National Campaign Chair of the Harvey Milk USA Stamp Campaign and we still need letters sent from citizens all over our nation urging the National Selection Committee to select Harvey Milk for a new stamp. Please get your friends, families, neighbors, everyone to write to: Citizen Stamp Advisory Committee, Stamp Development U.S. Postal Service, 1735 North Lynn St. Suite 5013, Arlington, VA 22209-6432.
Among the Honorary Chairs of this campaign are: Academy Award winner Dustin Lance Black, Cleve Jones, Assembly Speaker John Pérez, Rev. Troy Perry, Rea Carey, Stuart Milk, Senator Mark Leno and Lori Jean. Last month, the Speaker of the House, yes, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi joined our campaign and wrote a letter. Among San Diegans who have written letters are Councilman Kevin Faulconer, Supervisor Ron Roberts, Congressmembers Bob Filner and Susan Davis, Councilman Todd Gloria and many other elected officials both Democrats and Republicans. Please write a letter today, thank you.
Ron Roberts…an independent voice for all of us
Bourbon St. Manager Chuck with bartenders Abe and Sean
Many of you have asked me who I am supporting for Supervisor (4th District). Well, this district has many important communities in it; Latino, African-American, Asian Pacific Islander and GLBT. Well, the facts are that Ron Roberts has been a good friend and loyal supporter for all four of these communities. He has been our independent voice on the Board of Supervisors supporting compassionate marijuana use for Cancer/AIDS patients. Supporting gay marriage, establishing the County Office of AIDS (Mr. Terry Cunningham) and has been a strong supporter of Stepping Stone since its doors opened. I believe that Ron’s opponent has made a big mistake and became the “gay candidate” instead of the candidate who happens to be gay. As a person of color, I am concerned about this and his lack of a strong record of involvement and support when it comes to the people of color communities. In a recent editorial, SDGLN complained, why isn’t the GLBT community solidly behind this gay candidate? Well, because GLBT voters do not always blindly support a candidate just because he happens to be gay.
Juan Vargas
I don’t understand why some Democratic party activists are still mad that Juan Vargas is on his way to becoming our new State Senator. The election is over and he won. Yes, he is at times conservative on social issues (Vargas is a deeply religious Catholic) but his Republican opponent is a right-wing Christian fanatic! Many of us have known Juan since we supported him for his first City Council race. I’ve been to his home and he was always open to discussion and dialogue when it comes to our issues. I believe Juan Vargas will make a good Senator and may be on his way in the future to Congress. I say let’s give him a chance. And while we will disagree with him on some issues, let us continue to have dialogue. And who knows? Maybe we can change his mind on our issues, but continuing to bash him does no good. Congratulations Juan and thank you Mary Salas for a hard fought campaign and I hope we hear from you in the future as you have always been a true public servant.
Lunch with Lorena Gonzalez
On the subject of strong, smart women. I had lunch this week with the executive director of the Labor Council of San Diego Imperial Counties. Yes, the beautiful Lorena Gonzalez (at Baja Betty’s of course). We usually have long lunches as we “dish” about people, politics and campaigns. While most of it was way off the record, we did spend a lot of time on the 4th District Supervisors race and the upcoming Mayor’s race. Lorena is also going to push the letter writing campaign to get a U.S. Postal Stamp in honor of Harvey Milk in her National and State labor/unions connections. By the way, it’s true that a lot of political movers and shakers are pushing Lorena Gonzalez to run for the State Assembly in 2012 as there will be an open seat when a certain Assemblymember will run for an open state Senate seat. Run Lorena, Run!
Happy Birthday Danni. Party this Sunday at the W Hotel at 6-10 p.m. (Aug. 15th)
Check out Bourbon Street Bar & Grill
Hey, the new Bourbon Street Bar & Grill is the bomb! When the Weiss brothers say they’re remodeling, they aren’t kidding. This place has had almost a complete face lift and it looks fabulous! It’s now like a real classy New Orleans nightclub with one of the most beautiful patios on the west coast. Bourbon St. has now become a one stop full party place with an extensive full menu, open Tuesday to Saturday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and the prices are really reasonable. They also now have a 20 draft beer selection. Just follow the crowds to the New Bourbon Street Bar & Grill!
The Nicky Awards are coming
Yes, San Diego’s Gay Academy Awards are only a few weeks away (Sunday, Aug. 29), the Nicky Awards! For tickets, table reservations, etc, visit The voting parties are this weekend at your favorite bar/nightclub. l

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