In the Pit
San Diego wins up Leather Titles!
Published Thursday, 12-Aug-2010 in issue 1181
Congratulations to San Diego’s Miles Brooks and his boy Shawn for a great job representing California at the International Leather Sir/boy a few weeks ago. ILSb is a competition that’s done in the fashion of the International Mr. Drummer Contest which was founded by the premier BDSM magazine, Drummer. Although steeped in tradition, these men “March to the beat of a different drummer” while paving the way for future players in the BDSM community. The California contestants who were sponsored by former International Leather Sir, Mike Russell were well received by an enthusiastic crowd during Up Your Alley Weekend (formerly Dore Alley Fair, formerly Ringold Alley Fair). It was encouraging to see the huge San Diego contingent that included the current Mr and Ms San Diego Leather, current American Leather boy, past San Diego and bar titleholders along with loads of friends, spouses, supporters, long-term tricks etc. Basically, damn near everyone made the trip to support Miles and Shawn in their quest to have another San Diegan grab an international leather title.
Sir Miles and boy Shawn were exceptional in most categories but the esteemed judging panel had a difficult decision with this caliber of contestants. Most of the men for the competition are “Regional” titleholders, meaning they have won two or more titles already and they are expected to be well prepared. By the end of the two day marathon of speeches, fantasies and body worshipping the judges decided that Northwest leather Sir, Hugh and the Eastern Canada leather boy, Ian would be best to hold the 2010 international titles. Both of these men deserve their victories especially International Leather Sir, Hugh who wowed the crowd with his arousing speech, arousing fantasy and arousing physique. Overall, the man aroused us with everything he did and hopefully the San Diego’s leather event planners are making arrangements for him to visit in March, if not sooner.
The Community Bootblack is also held during this time and Cobi, also from San Diego, was there representing the Southwest. The Bootblack competition features both men and women and it was a beauty from the Southeast, Redwarrior, who walked away with that title. All of the men and women who competed during the weekend deserve our respect and support for stepping up and “Marching to the beat of a different drummer”.
The current San Diego Mr. Leather, Anthony is another one who does things his own way. Last week he held his first event, “Anthony’s Anti-fundraising Cigar Social” at Bourbon Street. He should get props just for the name alone! San Diego titleholders are required to hold four events a year, two of them fundraisers and two of them social events. We all realize the importance of raising money for worthy charities, but its refreshing to go out and not have anyone pushing raffle tickets for prizes that have been passed around like the latest piece of ass. Apparently, quite a few people agreed as Bourbon Street was packed with men, women and a few undecided individuals who were there to partake in good food while hanging out with friends in a cloud of cigar smoke. Great job Anthony and thanks to Bourbon Street for your support.
Bourbon Street is undergoing some changes of its own these days. According to Chuck “If you haven’t been lately you probably won’t recognize the place”. It’s now Bourbon Street Bar & Grill and will feature upscale bar food with a twist including the Bourbon bleu burger, butter-dipped lobster skewers and Andouille mac n’ cheese. Anything with spicy sausage and creamy goodness has to be good…right? The night life aspect of the bar will continue and with the addition of great food things can only get better. The grand opening is tonight, August 12th but if you can’t make it be sure to give them a visit in the near future.
It’s LLBear again next Saturday 21st at Rich’s. This one will be another “Big Muscle” party with DJ Bill Bennett. If hot, sweaty, sexy, hairy men are not your thing I’m sure there will be some goings on over at the Eagle, Pecs or Redwing. Check them out or bounce around and sample all San Diego has to offer.
See ya in a pit somewhere! l

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