Alpha - Marci Bair at South Bay Pride
Conversations with Nicole
Published Thursday, 26-Aug-2010 in issue 1183
Thank you for your concerns. I’m doing better, as many of you know my health these past few years has been like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you have to take time to self-reflect, prioritize and smell the roses.
Republicans among us
The Republican Party held their State Convention in San Diego last week and it’s obvious that the great “divide” among Democrats and Republicans is growing and turning ugly. It seems that GLBT Republicans are always bashed by Democrats most of all. While I agree that the Republican Party is turning more radical and to the right, I commend GLBT Republicans for continuing trying to change their party. The new President of the San Diego Log Cabin Republican Club is a smart, young Latino military veteran. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and Councilman Carl DeMaio are the highest ranking Gay Republicans in this region and while I don’t agree with them on numerous issues, both of them are very important in changing the face and direction of the Republican Party. The facts are that it is a Republican Governor who has signed more pro-GLBT civil rights bills in California that any Governor. And it is a Republican Mayor of San Diego who is a major vocal supporter of marriage equality. This great nation of ours is a two-party country and it is important that GLBT Americans are involved in both political parties. Our fight for full equality depends on it.
Mayor Sanders, Heilman and Rob Halford at Nicky’s
This coming Sunday, August 29th at the Center will be the 35th annual presentation of the “Gay Academy Awards of San Diego,” yes, the Nicky Awards! Our Mayor Jerry Sanders will be presenting Mayor John Heilman of West Hollywood the “Mayor George Moscone Memory Award” to the City of West Hollywood on this the 25th Anniversary of the founding of this most progressive city. Rob Halford, the legendary lead singer of Judas Priest, will be receiving a “Lifetime Achievement Award” in the Arts and the North County LGBT Coalition will be receiving the annual Harvey Milk Award. This will be another evening of outstanding entertainment, pride and you, the entire community, is invited. Tickets are only $50 and will be available at the door with the event starting at 6:30 p.m., a benefit for our GLBT Center and student scholarships. For more info: 619-300-1232 or Facebook the Nicky Awards!
Clean up at Pacific Beach
Hooray for “Gay for Good”
There is a new GLBT positive group in town called Gay for Good who are all about community service and reaching out to main line causes, neighborhoods and events. Their slogan is No Politics, No Donations…Just Good. Just “good deeds,” I say, as just last week about 50 GLBT citizens joined San Diego Coast Keepers for a beach cleanup in Pacific Beach. Gay for Good is a growing national movement of great GLBT volunteers and concerned citizens of all ages. Here in San Diego, the local chapter was started by Matt Brown (Mr. Gay San Diego 2010) and his 3M teammates Brenda Hernandez and Erik Swanson. For more info: or Facebook them!
Mama’s Kitchen turns 20
Did you know San Diego’s main meals on wheels for those living with AIDS/Cancer, yes, Mama’s Kitchen turns 20 this year?! Next month, they will be celebrating this milestone with some great events. I remember 20 years ago when founders Laurie Leonard and her mom asked Gene Burkard, Ben Dillingham, Frank Stirriti, Darl Edwards and I to meet her at then W.D.’s Restaurant to form Mama’s Kitchen’s first Kitchen Cabinet and help raise them money. Now, two decades later, with the help of countless beautiful volunteers from all ages and backgrounds, Mama’s Kitchen, especially under the current leadership of Alberto Cortes and his hard-working staff and board, has become a role model agency in the nation. Happy 20th Mama, you’re looking good!
South Bay Pride Rocks
Mayor of West Hollywood John Heilman will be at this Sunday’s Nicky Awards
This past weekend, I stopped by South Bay Pride held in Chula Vista and what a great event and turn out! It was great to see so many young people and lots of Latinos. South Bay Pride and North County Pride are, to me, the future of our growing region and I commend the organizers of these two events and we should all be grateful and appreciate these organizers who make the saying “We are everywhere” a reality.
Keep on holding hands
Many of us come from generations where the idea of same-sex couples holding hands in public would be insanity. I am glad things have changed so much and it’s wonderful to see GLBT couples holding hands everywhere. Though we see it more in Hillcrest/North Park neighborhoods, I have spotted GLBT couples holding hands from the Kobey Swap Meet to shopping malls all over the place! Why I bring this up is because while this wonderful, simple act may make some feel uncomfortable, it makes so many of us smile inside and out. Our love and caring is no different than anyone’s. Because, simply put, “love is love.” It’s a human thing!

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