In the Pit
Burning bright … Meeting up with Ms San Diego Leather … TIGER!
Published Thursday, 26-Aug-2010 in issue 1183
In March of this year the San Diego leather community chose Anthony and Tiger as Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather. I always love the opportunity to point out the local titleholders not only because they work so hard but more importantly because they are accessible. Anthony and Tiger work for you! Not just the leather community but the San Diego community. They attend functions all year long – and you are invited. The San Diego women’s leather community is one of the strongest and most active in the country. Together they have partnered with the men’s community to produce a Leather Pride which covers two weeks of events, learning opportunities, dances and of course the leather contests which happen on consecutive weekends in March.Tiger believes the main purpose of Ms San Diego Leather is “to fill a need in the community, build the title for subsequent years, and always represent well.”
Meet Ms San Diego Leather 2010, Tiger
GLT: There have been some very successful Ms San Diego Leathers. Some have gone on to win national or international titles while others have continued their work locally. Why did you decide to run for Ms San Diego Leather?
Tiger: I am service, which is where my heart is. In my view, a local leather title is all about service to the community. Prior to running, I was already imbedded in the San Diego Leather and BDSM community, and it just felt like the next logical step forward in my leather journey. Oh, and 2010 is the year of the tiger! What choice did I have, really? [Grin]
“San Diego has never had a tiger
GLT: What can we expect during your title year that is different from past Ms San Diego Leathers?
Tiger: San Diego has never had a tiger for a titleholder! That’s different! Seriously, I don’t know that I will do anything that is specifically different than, or the same as, any past titleholders, Mr. or Ms. I am going to do what I feel needs to be done. I think each San Diego titleholder brings his or her own style to the party, and my style is different, just the same as everyone else. :-)
GLT: Titleholders raise lots of money and usually have pet charities during their title year. What charities or causes will you support during your title year?
Tiger and 1st Runner Up Annette
Tiger: AIDSWalk San Diego without question. I have been walking and raising money for them for 21 years. This year, I’ll be in San Francisco for Folsom so I won’t be walking, but I will be making a donation of at least $500. I am supporting Leather Realm and Leather Pride here in San Diego and the Women’s Leather History Project nationally, which is a part of the Leather Archives and Museum. That’s the short list. This community knows me well enough now that if they need my support for anything, they know they have it.
GLT: Along with producing your own events it’s also important to show support for others. What local events will you support?
Tiger: Where do I start? San Diego Leather Pride, San Diego Leather Realm, San Diego Rodeo, The Hard Edge, AIDSWalk San Diego, any and all Club X events, The Beat and Greet, local and regional contests and fundraisers both leather and non-leather, Bear events, Sister events, Trans events, San Diego Pride, South Bay Pride, North County Pride, Camp Out, Dyke March, Southwest Leather Gathering, Desire, the Butch Review, Southern California Leather Woman and my own monthly event(co-hosted with Sherry) - The 2nd Sunday Leather/BDSM Motorcycle Run. I’m sure there’s more.
GLT: Along with local events you are expected to represent the community on the road. What are your travel plans?
Tiger and Anthony
Tiger: Both Anthony and I have been traveling a lot and will continue throughout our title year. I’ve been to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Phoenix, and San Francisco multiple times so far this title year, and will continue to hit as many non-local events that I can between now and next March. After my step-down, I’m thinking of taking a three-week road trip in my van with just me, my dog and some fishing gear. I’m having a LOT of fun this year, but I am truly looking forward to that trip! Oh, wait. Leather Leadership Conference first!
GLT: We expect a lot from our titleholders, but that’s just part of the package. You have a lot to do with traveling and attending events. But what events do you plan to produce?
Tiger: My first title event was a non-fundraising social event called a Tiger Run which was just a group of kinky motorcyclists (men and women) out for a nice 200-mile ride. We hooked up with some riders from Los Angeles (and one from Chicago!) at our prearranged rendezvous point. It was small, but a lot of fun. So much fun in fact, that it has already become a monthly event. The Hard Edge in November, Christi Campbell’s brainchild, will fall under my fundraiser events list, as will an upcoming Dance Party that I’m doing with American Leatherboy 2010, Bryan. I am also working on a history donation for the Women’s Leather History Project. I have a few more social events up my sleeve, but they’re still in the development stage.
GLT: Representing America’s Finest City with one of America’s Finest Leather Communities is no easy task. Thank you for having the balls to take it on. You’re a very busy woman so I’ll let you get back to work. We’ll keep a look out for you and good luck.

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