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Pressure grows on SDAR to rescind its endorsement of Zapf
Published Thursday, 02-Sep-2010 in issue 1184
Following evidence of Lorie Zapf’s open bigotry against the GLBT community, pressure is growing on The San Diego Association of Realtors (SDAR) to rescind its endorsement of the Republican candidate for San Diego City Council in District 6.
SDAR’s leadership has convened an emergency meeting of its Executive Committee which is a first step in rescinding Zapf’s endorsement.
According to SDAR’s immediate past-President, Erik Weichelt of Weichert Elite, Realtors, Inc., SDAR’s selection committee doesn’t routinely look beyond a candidate’s real estate-related positions.
Jim Abbott, President/Managing Broker of ARG Abbott Realty Group, San Diego stated,“SDAR’s leadership must rescind Zapf’s endorsement. The REALTOR imprimatur cannot be applied to a candidate who hasn’t the faintest notion of equality, especially when a strict Code of Ethics and a commitment to Equal Housing Opportunity guide everything we do as Realtors.”
Zapf’s extreme views were revealed in excerpts from emails sent to James Hartline earlier in the year; first reported by SD CityBeat reporter Justin MacLachlan on March 9, 2010.
“I absolutely want to keep homosexuals out of public office and not be allowed to influence our schools, textbooks, altering marriage, children and on and on.”
“...I do believe homosexuality is a sin. I have three homosexual first cousins. I love them all and would ‘be seen’ in a photo with them. I believe they all live in sin and frankly all are very unhappy people and had horrible childhoods as well.”
“...for whatever reason God allowed people to choose homosexuality. So there must be a reason for it, although I don’t get it, like so may (sic) other things that don’t make sense.”
“This debacle exposes serious defects in the way this very large and normally gay-friendly trade association operates.” Abbott continued.
Full details of the outcome of SDAR’s emergency meeting are awaited and in the meantime SDAR’s name continues to appear on Zapf’s list of supporters.
For more information on this story go to to view real estate columnist Jim Abbott’s full editorial.
To contact SDAR about this matter they can be reached through CEO Mike Mercurio at or SDAR President Mark Marquez at

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