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Conversations with Nicole
Published Thursday, 02-Sep-2010 in issue 1184
When this issue comes out, I will be on a five hour flight to Toronto, Canada. After about three weeks of being grounded, I’ll be back in the air with Oregon, Iowa, Washington and Nevada on my upcoming schedule.
Local bartender is raped
A popular local bartender was drugged and repeatedly raped for over 12 hours recently. He met his rapist on the internet. The police, thank goodness, caught the guy. For those of you who hook up on craigslist, Adam for Adam, etc. please please be careful and be more cautious. Incidents like this and robberies, attacks, etc are growing with, sad to say, many being too afraid to even report them. Please be careful out there!
DeMaio takes on Kehoe
Political circles in San Diego are talking about Councilman Carl DeMaio’s recent speech at the Republican State Convention where he took on State Senator Christine Kehoe. DeMaio, in his speech to his fellow GOP-ers, attacked Kehoe’s support of public pensions and accused her of double dipping by collecting both a city pension and a state salary. Carl DeMaio stated, “Senator Christine Kehoe is thinking about being the next Mayor of San Diego so she can get another pension.” Both DeMaio and Kehoe are being mentioned as possible candidates for Mayor in 2012 and while DeMaio’s remarks angered Kehoe’s supporters, they better get used to it. Awhile back when Chris Kehoe and I discussed her possible Mayoral bid, I brought up that her entire 8 year city council record and votes on pensions, Charger seat guarantees, etc. would be an open book for any of her possible opponents. Carl DeMaio, like it or not, was just first at bat. Others will follow if Kehoe enters the race. Among other possible Mayoral candidates being mentioned are Bonnie Dumanis, Nathan Fletcher, Kevin Faulconer, Bob Filner, Steve Francis, Scott Peters and others.
Andrew Valencia for School Board
If we are going to protect all of our children and students from bullying, discrimination and harassment, if we are going to bring badly needed change on our school boards then Kevin Beiser must be elected to the San Diego School Board and Andrew Valencia to the Sweetwater School Board. Valencia, who is a bright, young Latino has been endorsed by the Sweetwater Education Association and his list of supporters is growing. Remember their names; Kevin Beiser and Andrew Valencia.
LGBT Candidates Forum
Mayor Jerry Sanders and County Supervisor Ron Roberts at the Nicky Awards
This past Tuesday’s LGBT Candidates Forum proved to be very interesting with all the candidates and elected officials showing up, both Republicans and Democrats. Ralph Denney seemed to be in a defensive and bad mood as the first thing out of his mouth was an invitation for all the Democrats in the room to ‘boo’ him, which they didn’t even do though his attacks on his opponent Toni Atkins fell flat. Stephen Whitburn’s attacks on Ron Roberts were also not all based on facts, and word is that he will be facing some “independent committees” funded by local business people once again as he did in his last campaign against Todd Gloria. Candidates Toni Atkins and Kevin Beiser were well received as well as Andrew Valencia. In his remarks, Councilman Carl DeMaio called upon the GLBT community to make an outreach to all segments of our city including progressive Republicans. The Candidates Forum was sponsored by SDGLN and emcees Ken St. Pierre and Johnathan Hale did a good job and Anthology Nightclub is super beautiful!
Lunch with Councilmembers Frye, Gloria and the Mayor: ‘Yes on D’
This past Wednesday, I attended a luncheon hosted by Mayor Sanders, Councilmembers Donna Frye and Todd Gloria at respected civic leader Mel Katz’s office. A very broad coalition of San Diegans have come together for Yes on D, one of the most important city propositions ever on a ballot! If city Prop D does not pass we will lose major municipal services including hits on police and fire services. In 2001, a 911 call would be answered in 4 to 6 seconds, now it's 10 seconds! Business people, labor, people of color and GLBT leaders have come out and endorsed Yes on D. Even the San Diego Democratic Party! Opposition to Prop D is led by Carl DeMaio and Mike Aguirre. Gay leaders at this luncheon were City Commissioners Robert Gleason, Bruce Abrams and Tom Hebrank. It’s S.O.S. time for our city, please support Yes on D.
It was “Nicky Awards Day!”
The roof came off the Center when Mayor Jerry Sanders was presented at this past Sunday’s Nicky Awards. Our super popular Mayor came with a proclamation declaring August 29, 2010 “Nicky Awards Day” in the city of San Diego. From all the media reviews, the 35th annual community awards show was a smashing success, and trust me, ALL credit goes to Co-Chairs Allan Spyere, Lisa Sanders and Empress Lala Too. Among those getting good ovations from hundreds of attendees in the crowd were former Deputy Mayor Toni Atkins, County Supervisor Ron Roberts, Councilman Todd Gloria and School Board candidate Kevin Beiser. The audience loved Lady Gaga impersonator Ms. Grace Towers and her sexy male and female dance troupe, this entertainer belongs in Las Vegas! As for NBC T.V.’s America’s Got Talent finalists The Platt Brothers, their second act was good but their first act bombed. The City of West Hollywood and its popular Mayor John Heilman were very well received and he got a big laugh when he told the crowd he thought I was about 800 years old…hum! “Lifetime Achievement” honoree, world-renowned heavy metal music icon Rob Halford of Judas Priest received a loud and prolonged standing ovation. The Nicky Awards have changed a lot since the first one in 1975 and this year’s event was definitely more fun with lots of young people and it broke all event records by ending in just over two hours! Congratulations to ALL the 2010 winners!
Tattoo Fest II: March 20th
Mark you calendars for Sunday, March 20th for the return of Tattoo Fest II, an all day event in Hillcrest which includes exhibits, workshops and a super tattoo contest for guys and gals. Hot hot hot! This tat fest will be held at the Center and all of you tat freaks and friends are invited. My favorite tats are those on convict studs!
About that “Nicole Documentary”
Many of you are asking me about that 20 minute documentary titled “Nicole,” parts one and two now on YouTube. It was filmed in the late 1980s and early 1990s and is not the upcoming documentary that was filmed last year. Yes, I will be making a major announcement about my future later this month.

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