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Published Thursday, 16-Sep-2010 in issue 1186
Letter to the editor:
Last night I attended the Hillcrest Town Council to listen to Todd Gloria, Carl DeMaio, debate Prop D. This was supposed to be an informational forum. Carl DeMaio, it appears, does not understand the word “decorum” as he continuously and viciously attached Todd Gloria, along unions and with the labor movement in general. DeMaio came across as a nasty bully. Probably a carry over from his childhood. Mr. DeMaio was a guest in Todd Gloria’s district but proceeded in his usually manner - that of an attach dog DeMaio periodally rolled his eyes or made faces behind Councilman Gloria’s back while the councilman spoke on the subject. DeMaio was plan rude and owes Councilman an apology.
As for the Unions and the Labor Movement, Carl DeMaio was not around during the beginning of the Gay/Lesbian movement in this country. A great many of the unions provided money, support and advise to help the movement. As a “senior” member of our society, a movement leader who started the first gay drug/alcohol clinic in this country (prior to health care providing for recovery and before AA recognized gay groups) and a union leader I can attest to the fact that DeMaio owes the Labor Movement a great deal. It helped him to be who he is today, an out gay politician. It appears to me DeMaio does not mind biting the hand that helped to feed him.
George Wedemeyer
Dear editor:
I like the direction that the GLT is taking and that it is becoming a more inclusive LGBT publication. I am happy to see the whole LGBT community in the paper and hope this is something that will continue. I have notice there are more people represented that goes beyond even LGBT such as parents and children, people and those living with HIV/AIDS. I also really enjoy the interviews with real people. Keep up the good work and I hope it continues this way.
Kim Riley
Only in San Diego says:
GREAT LETTER Dan McCarthy! I 100% AGREE!
Jamie S says:
The real problem here as was described in last weeks GLT is that if Steve Coley is elected as the new CA Attorney General apparently he can chose to change policy midstream and defend Prop 8 all the way to the Supreme Court - which could very likely uphold it along political lines, not according to constitutional law.
And there is the very real issue that if the 9th Appeals Court reverses Judge Walkers decision, the US Supreme Court could refuse to hear the case. This would end our chances to repeal Prop 8 and obtain equal marriage right.
These are very serious issues which the GLBT community needs to get on top of before it’s too late.
Jamie S
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