Bonez N Booze with Franki
Bartender and Culinary Extraordinaire
Published Thursday, 16-Sep-2010 in issue 1186
Franki has been a staple in the San Diego lesbian, nightlife and art scene for a long time. She is someone that everyone has something good to say about. Franki was one of the first lesbians to throw San Diego art shows including The No Name Art Shows that drew in huge crowds eager to participate in something other than the status quo. Franki has the reputation of being one of San Diego’s hottest and most down to earth bartenders. A combination hard to find in any person let alone a bartender and she truly is one of a kind. Talented in the art of making drinks and customer service she commands her bar like a pro. She is equally as talented in the arts of all kinds. Everything from food to painting to the drums she does well and grabs attention while doing it. While others follow the beat of one drummer, Franki has always marched to the beat of her own drum. No pretention and unfazed by popularity contests, she has also been a true pioneer in our community and somebody that a lot of younger lesbians look up too and model themselves after. Support those who support you and the community. Franki does just that. She also has the hottest nights in town, namely because she is behind the bar. So stop in and see Franki and support her nights at Numbers and The Flame.
GLT: Your un-government name is?
FK: Franki Knuckles.
GLT: Where do you bartend and how old are you?
FK: Over at Numbers on Fridays and Saturdays. Fridays are mainly for the Latin boys now, but Nicole Lewis and I just started a new girl’s night on Saturdays there called Femme Fatale. So, calling all ladies, come show some love! As far as the age question... lets just say I’m creeping up there.
GLT: What did you want to be when you were a kid?
FK: I’ve always had this bizarre fascination with space and planets, so I always thought it would be pretty cool to be an astronaut or work for NASA. I’m kind of a closet nerd and would still give my left nut for the opportunity.
GLT: How would you describe yourself?
FK: Artistic and a man of few words.
GLT: What is your favorite drink?
FK: I’m a whiskey girl and simple so give me a Jack and Coke and I am happy.
GLT: What makes you the best female bartender in town?
FK: I don’t know if it makes me the best but what I know that I like about myself is that I think I am really chill and try to be as friendly as possible to everyone, even if a person is being a difficult customer. It’s definitely frustrating but in the end I am hired to serve and not just make money.
GLT: Do you know any bar tricks?
FK: I can make a shot disappear in less than 2 seconds. Any challengers!?
GLT: What have you found works for dealing with really difficult clients?
FK: Service with a smile. It pisses ‘em off more when you’re not fazed by them, especially when I wish ‘em a good night.
GLT: What makes your bar the hottest night(s) for lesbians?
FK: I think our Saturday night event “Femme Fatale” has a very diverse appeal for everybody. We first started the night with the intention of making it as unpretentious as possible...Just an open space for ALL types of women. We also chose to work with two great DJ’s that make a definite impact on the vibe of the night. Depending on what Saturday you visit, you’ll either hear DJ Kiki who plays your favorite radio Hip-Hop mixes or DJ Myxzylplix who also plays hip hop but throws some surprises in with the old-school/80’s route. They both keep the dance floor going all night. We also have pool tables and an awesome outdoor smoking patio so whatever works, we got you! Overall our night is intended to be just a fun, comfortable place to come drink, dance and drink!
GLT: You and Monika make a really good team. Does she still work with you sometimes?
FK: Yeah, actually I have been teaching her how to bartend recently so she’s been doing some guest bartending for Femme Fatale here and there.
GLT: Any new projects in the works?
FK: Nothing really solid right now, however I have been debating putting on another big Art Show.
GLT: It is indeed time for another one!
GLT: What are your favorite things to do when you are not at work?
FK: I love anything artistic, drawing, painting, photography. I own musical instruments as well, but they’re more of a hobby than a talent. I also love cooking and just started culinary school at the Art Institute.
GLT: Do you and Monika consider yourself activists and what do you think about the recent decision with Prop. 8?
FK: We both definitely feel extremely passionate about it, especially since we are amongst the 18,000 GLBT couples who are legally married in California. Since both of us lead pretty hectic schedules it’s been difficult to dedicate as much time to the cause as we would like to. Monika helped out in some of the previous campaigns when Prop 8 was first being debated and also worked with other local community causes. With the recent news about Prop 8 we were both excited that it was overturned, however we know it is a long fight, but we are confident in our inevitable victory.
GLT: Thank you, Franki, for your time and your huge contribution to San Diego’s nightlife. The Gay & Lesbian Times wishes you all the very best.

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