Spin, Spin Sugar: DJ dirtyKURTY
Published Thursday, 16-Sep-2010 in issue 1186
DJ dirtyKURTY is a former professional soccer player turned spin goddess. She hails from New Jersey where she discovered her love of music in the New York club scene at clubs like Sound Factory, Roxy, Limelight and the Palladium. She moved to San Francisco where she discovered DJing, then to San Diego where she now resides. While DJ dirtyKURTY is passionate about her House music, it’s her mission to get everyone moving on the dance floor regardless of what style music she is playing. She’s performed all over the East and West Coast. She’s the featured DJ on the Sweet Caribbean Cruise, Co-Owner/Promoter of in2U Events/U*NITY Party and a member of the San Diego MixMasters DJ Crew.
“House music is definitely my passion, but I can play everything including hip-hop, old school, 80’s and classic rock. I don’t like to be put in a box or classified as a DJ that only plays one type of music. Some people say that what really stands out the most about me is my innate ability to play to ANY crowd, anywhere. I have NO BOUNDARIES to my music or who dances to it, as long as they are DANCING and loving the MUSIC.” - dirtyKURTY
GLT: How long have you been spinning records for?
DdK: 6 years.
GLT: What got you interested in wanting to become a DJ?
DdK: When I moved to San Francisco I got really involved in the Rave scene. I went to all the underground parties and listened to all the DJ’s. I loved how they made me feel and how they could keep me dancing all night. After that I was inspired to learn how to spin to recreate that feeling.
GLT: Over the years what bars have you DJ’d at?
DdK: Well I have spun all the over the US, but here is the list. Take which ones you want. Red C Lounge, Kava Lounge, The Flame, Hard Rock Hotel, Bar Basic, Brass Rail, Thin, Rich’s, U31, Club Kadan, The Abbey, Deco’s, Aubergine, Stingeree, Confidential, Henry’s Pub, The Ivy, Universal, Solamar, Airport Lounge, Club Montage, The Cafe, Soluna Lounge, Air Conditioned Lounge, El Rio, The Cat Club, Mars Bar, The Lookout, The Transfer, Krave, True North, & Velvet. Olivia Cruises and Sweet Cruises.
GLT: What is your favorite club in San Diego to DJ at?
DdK: Bar Basic.
GLT: Where do you see San Diego’s lesbian night life in ten years?
DdK: I hope it continues to grow to embrace the diversity that is emerging in San Diego with way more clubs and events.
GLT: Do you feel that we have enough options in lesbian night life currently?
DdK: Actually I think we need more. I grew up in New York and lived in San Francisco, so I am used to tons of diversity and different events. But I definitely think there are now more people and promoters in San Diego creating different events to give lesbians more options.
GLT: Do you play on belt driven tables or with cd’s?
GLT: What was the most requested song this summer?
DdK: BulletProof – La Roux
GLT: What new projects do you have going on?
DdK: I am in the studio learning to produce music. My goal is to remix people’s music. I will have my 6th CD out by the end of the year and my new website is up: .
Dj dirtyKURTY’s summer top ten picks:
Bulletproof- La Roux
Outta Your Mind – Lil Jon/LMFAO
Beautiful Monster – Ne-Yo
OMG – Usher
Get ya Money up – Keri Hilson/ Nicki Manaj remix
Like a G6 – FM
F#ck U – Cee-Lo
California Girls – Katy Perry
1901 – Phoenix
Back ‘n Forth – Fedde Le Grand
in2U EVENTS is a unique concept in event nightlife promotion for the GLBT/QUEER community and its straight allies and was founded by HEIDI KINNEY and its Resident DJ dirtyKURTY. Every third Saturday, which falls on this Saturday, in2U EVENTS presents U*NI*TY @ the Air Conditioned Lounge. Our goal with U*NI*TY is to de-segregate the subcultures of our community and bring everyone together, to feel equal, and have fun and most of all be entertained. We are dedicated to making sure that regardless of your age, race, color, sexual orientation or preference, you have a NEW and EXCITING experience every time you join us. U*NI*TY brings our community together through DJ’s, music, art, fashion, live entertainment, dance crews and performance artists, and each U*NI*TY event is a fundraiser for a specific cause or organization.
GLT: Why did you guys pick the name U*NI*TY?
UY: We wanted to start an event that would bring the different groups of the GLBTQ community together. There was really nothing that incorporated live music, DJ’s, art, fashion and dance. So we felt U*NI*TY was a good representation of what we wanted to accomplish.
GLT: What is it that U*NI*TY is trying to bring to San Diego lesbian nightlife?
UY: We wanted to bridge the gap of all the different interest groups. I would go out to see a lot of bands, artists, dance shows/crews separately but would never see anything that had all of those in one big event. So we thought why not try to create it.
GLT: Thank you, dirtyKURTY, for your time and also for all your hard work with U*NI*TY. The Gay & Lesbian Times wishes you success with all your future events.

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