The perfect mix
DJ ELVEE spells it out
Published Thursday, 16-Sep-2010 in issue 1186
ELVEE, a San Diego native, is the resident DJ for girl’s night at Bourbon Street and has been there for six years. On Sunday nights you can find her in the DJ booth at the front right corner of the dance floor. With all the great music it is almost easy to forget that she is the catalyst that is helping you forget about your nine to five, suit and tie or blue and browns. I met with ELVEE recently at Bourbon Street and we seized an opportunity for a little Q and A.
GLT: What made you want to become a DJ?
LV: I actually fell into it through another DJ. A DJ named DJ Dallas who was very popular in the older community, and she still does work as a DJ. She was very instrumental as far as teaching me about my equipment and how to use the equipment to automate my natural born gift.
GLT: Where do you spin?
LV: The House of Blues, Bourbon Street and some Fridays I have played everywhere in this town, basically from downtown to Little Italy and Hillcrest. I am one of the few cross over DJ’s that can play anywhere.
GLT: Do you feel when you are entertaining at straight events your selection and love for music serves to override any negative feelings in the audience?
LV: I definitely think that has a lot to do with it because when they realize that I do what I do fairly proficiently they tend not look at me like I am “a lesbian”. But I don’t try to hide my sexuality or dress. Definitely if they ask me if I am a lesbian, I say yeah! But I think what happens is you gain a level of respect when you do what you do well. I try to be really good at my work and hopefully when they see my talent, it can afford my gay brothers and sisters that much more respect, as opposed to judging the content of someone’s character based on who they sleep with or what they are wearing.
GLT: What do you consider your role as far as Girls Night is concerned?
LV: I definitely think that I try to make a really good vibe wherever I DJ. I try to educate my peers because I feel like a lot of the media is only showcasing music that they make money from, and it’s not necessarily the best music. I have been playing “La Rue” for three years and finally because of her appearance on Ellen people are starting to listen to her. So, it makes me happy that people are willing to go beyond the media to find music that’s good. I try to give them something new, something innovative, something they never heard or a familiar song that has been remixed, so they can explore and be more open minded.
GLT: What is your favorite part of your night as a DJ?
LV: Anybody who rolls into my gig will definitely find something they like because my mixes are so eclectic. You could feel like you might have been okay with the last twenty minutes and find you love the next set because I’m going to go from electro to hip hop, old skool to house and never miss a beat. All mixed perfectly seamlessly. I might even throw some crazy thing in the mix that is going to make you crack up, because I just want to make sure that everyone is listening. The music is just not for one crowd. I also try to find songs that are thought provoking, so when you come to my sets you leave thinking, “Oh my God I cannot believe she played that.” I enjoy the fact that at most of my gigs I have complete artistic freedom.
GLT: LV, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. The Gay & Lesbian Times wishes you well in all your future endeavors.
Pullout quote:
“I try to educate my peers because I feel like a lot of the media is only showcasing music that they make money from, and it’s not necessarily the best music.”

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