For the love of music
An interview with DJ Nikol
Published Thursday, 16-Sep-2010 in issue 1186
If you ever walk into a venue where DJ Nikol, also known as Nikolbag, is spinning you will realize it right away. The distinctive sound that was born in the San Diego underground art shows has carried over to her new home “Playhouse” at The Office on Tuesday nights. She is a resident DJ at Playhouse and has been there since its birth. She can be heard spinning your old or hard to find favorites, including new DJ remixes that no one else will play. She is a San Diego native that has one true love, music.
GLT: What inspired you to become a DJ?
NB: When I was younger I always into music. Even as a child I was strongly influenced by the B-boy, B-girl movement. I believe we are created to be inspired by music, that’s why music has the ability to evoke emotion. Our senses have the ability to recognize the energy that is created by music and this is materialized by the expression of dance.
GLT: How did you start mixing music?
NB: I taught myself after meeting some friends that had tables. I went out and bought myself a couple of break beat records and started out with those. I finally convinced my parents to buy me a pair of janky turn tables which I used until I killed them. If you can mix on those you can mix anywhere.
GLT: What is it that sets you apart from the rest as a DJ?
NB: I do it because I love it. Money is not an issue and I never did it to be cool. I did it for myself… because it’s my creative outlet and anyone that knows me knows that I have been a closet DJ for years.
GLT: What do you hope to achieve through your mixes?
NB: I like to bring all the music that you love and you don’t hear anywhere else. I like to mash it up so it’s a perfect flow that reminds you of different points in time in your life.
GLT: Do you have any upcoming shows or events you will be spinning at?
NB: It changes all the time. Stay in touch through Facebook or the she productions website and we will keep you posted.
GLT: Nikol, thank you for sharing your thoughts and views with me. The Gay & Lesbian Times wishes you well for the future.
Pullout quote:
“I did it for myself… because it’s my creative outlet and anyone that knows me knows that I have been a closet DJ for years.”

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