Does the party ever stop?
An interview with Nick Lewis, bartender at various San Diego bars
Published Thursday, 16-Sep-2010 in issue 1186
Nick Lewis is a bartender for several Lesbian nights that are hosted across San Diego. Nick is from Boston and if you ever order a drink from her you will know right away because her charming Boston accent is a dead give away. Nick is a fan of Softball and Ice Hockey and her favorite team is North Eastern University. Along with working the wild San Diego nightlife, Nick is a huge fan of comfy clothes, movies or a good book. Nick has given us the opportunity to ask her a few questions about herself and her job.
GLT: What is your favorite part of the night at Bourbon Street?
NL: Well I think it’s only fair I give all my bars some credit LOL. Rich’s: every time the girls get on the bar. Brass Rail: every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month I love because it’s my event, WIRED! FEMME FATALE at Numbers: when we all (the staff) do a shot at the beginning of the night. Bourbon St.: Harassing Ally Sligh all night :).
GLT: Do you feel like the change from Bourbon Street Bar to Bourbon Street Bar and Grill has been a positive one so far?
NL: So far, so good.
GLT: What is your favorite drink?
NL: Patron or raspberry vodka and soda with 2 limes.
GLT: The crowd at Bourbon Street can get pretty big on ladies night. Have you ever felt overwhelmed?
NL: Not really...Ally and I laugh most things off.
GLT: While taking into consideration the new selection of beer and food, what else would you say Bourbon has to offer?
NL: Bourbon is a great venue because it’s like four venues in one. You have a dance floor, a bar, a patio and a restaurant.
GLT: When you first moved to San Diego and went out for ladies night what would you say your first impression was?
NL: Does the party ever stop?
GLT: When did you first start bartending at Bourbon?
NL: A little over a year ago.
GLT: How long have you been bartending?
NL: For about eight years.
GLT: Which bar is your favorite bar to tend at?
NL: I love that I tend in several different places.
GLT: Nick, The Gay & Lesbian Times thanks you for your time and wishes you well.

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