(R-L) Former Deputy Mayor Toni Atkins, Commissioner Susan Atkins, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and School Board Candidate Kevin Beiser
Conversations with Nicole
Published Thursday, 16-Sep-2010 in issue 1186
Over 200 cities across America will be celebrating “GLBT Center Awareness Day”. We in San Diego have one of the best community centers in the nation… A big “thank you” to all the Center volunteers, staff and Board!
About Muslim Tolerance
Hey yes, I believe in tolerance and support of Muslim Americans, but I have great concerns with their leaders. Silence…when it comes to the stoning of women in Muslim countries…of murders and killings of gays…of Muslim nations calling for the death of all Jews and the end of Israel …about Muslim countries prohibiting the building of any Christian churches or Jewish synagogues on their lands. Why do American Muslim leaders never speak out on these issues?? Tolerance is a two-way street…tolerance begins with oneself.
Lorie Zapf
While yes I am supporting former Deputy State Attorney Howard Wayne for the 6th District City Council seat, I am concerned about the continuing attacks and bashing of his opponent Lorie Zapf as a homophobe. If I’ve learned something these last decades as a gay Latino activist it’s that people do change that have been in the past racist or homophobic. I called upon Ms Zapf to conduct an interview with a GLBT media outlet and clarify her past statements and she did with SDGLN.
The facts are that some years ago Lorie Zapf did make some very ugly anti-gay statements which she has since stated she has regretted and changed her views. Ms Zapf endorsed openly gay District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, and Councilman Carl DeMaio has become a big supporter of Zapf and I don’t believe Carl would support a homophobe. Former Police Chief of Los Angeles Ed Davis used to have his cops raid gay bars and beat up customers. Years later he became a major gay rights supporter in the State Senate. People do change their minds and I believe Ms Zapf has changed her views. While I wish her the best I still believe Howard Wayne is the better candidate for the 6th District City Council seat.
Joseph Rocha…the Pride of San Diego
Did you know that 24 year old Navy veteran and University of San Diego student leader Joseph Rocha played a major role in the recent ruling by US District Judge Virginia Phillips declaring that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is unconstitutional??
Rocha who was a keynote speaker at the annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast last May was a key witness and gave testimony. The respected federal judge stated that she found Joseph Rocha to be “sincere and a forthright credible witness”…indeed Rocha has become a national advocate for gays in the military and was even profiled on a CNN News Special. This young Latino gay man has worked in the offices of Congresswoman Susan Davis and San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Duffy and many feel he is a future Congressman in his own right.
Thank you Joseph Rocha and the Log Cabin Republican Club who filed this now successful lawsuit in 2004.
Robin Tyler at the Diversionary Theatre
(L-R) Judge Bart Breederveld, Atty. Dirk Van Der Pol of Amsterdam and City Commissioner Bruce Abrams at the Nicky Awards
Follow the crowds this weekend for gay icon, activist and comedian Robin Tyler’s fun play, “Always a Bridesmaid, never a Groom” at the Diversionary Theatre till Sunday. Councilman Todd Gloria and I will be presenting Robin with a special honor this Friday night…get your tickets now: (619) 220-0097 or
Sat. Oct 23 – The 37th annual Center Gala, Hilton by the Bay
Mon. Dec 13th – The 7th annual Community Holiday Wreath Auction, Martins above Fourth
Sat Jan 22nd – The 39th annual Imperial Court Coronation. “A Military Affair”
Fri. Feb 11th – The 4th annual LAMBDA Archives Gala, “Honoring Heroes, Trailblazers and Pioneers”
Sun, Mar 20th “TATTOO FEST II” Noon-10:00 p.m. Center
Sun. Apr 10th – The 3rd annual GLBT LATINO AWARDS de SAN DIEGO - Center
San Diego’s Annual GSGRA RODEO drew another good crowd from all over the USA and I stopped by the Lakeside Rodeo grounds and all the guys and gals were having a great time…the Sheraton Mission Valley Hotel was full and the dance ROCKED!
Last year I had the honor to have been named the “RODEO COMMUNITY GRAND MARSHALL” and we should all appreciate the good works of the dedicated Rodeo people who have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for numerous charities…proceeds of this years Rodeo will go to the Toni Atkins Lesbian Health Fund at the Center.

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