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Published Thursday, 23-Sep-2010 in issue 1187
Howie says:
As a former Marine medic (hospital corpsman) and veteran, I’ve seen the backwards thinking of military officers firsthand.
It’s not surprising to me that Sgt Holmberg continues to face stigma regarding HIV—when in fact it should be well known that is a very manageable disease with little to no repercussions to those who are competent enough to take one pill a day. Many of us already do so when we take our daily multivitamin, how can an HIV-infected person be that much different? Recent studies show that an HIV-positive person in an a more economically established country will live the same amount of years as anybody else: (http://www.aidsmap.com/page/1437877/).
That’s why we created San Diego Young Positives: a place where HIV-positive young men can defeat the archaic stigma that still surrounds this affliction: http://www.sdyp.org
We will help get Sgt Holmberg his dignity back and show the world that he is just as strong & healthy as he ever was, if not more so because of the experience.
Staci cousin from ny says:
Lori, It’s your cousin from ny. I was 18 the last time you saw me and you still look the same. It’s so cool to see you in GLT. I’m proud to say thats my cousin Lori. Keep doing what your doing and good luck.
Glen says:
Robin Tyler’s one-woman work is a rare slice of live history by one who helped make it. She is entertainment and education, disappointment and hope, memorial and celebration...all rolled up in one feisty grandmotherly package.
I was amazed to see even one empty seat at her Thursday night performance. I hear the other nights are close to selling out, but this is one show that calls out for every gay man and lesbian over the age of about 55 to take someone under 30 to see. There should be neither an empty seat nor a dry eye in the house for this performance.
She is a tireless and generous advocate for the rights we are working for, not to mention some of the ones we all enjoy already.
It was a privelege to see her, and we are honored to have her visit San Diego with this show.
Joseph says:
Local and state government did just fine when the sales tax was only 5%. Now it’s 8.75% and they want to raise it to 9.25%.
They want us to PAY THEM to cut spending. Why not just cut spending?
The whole thing is Democrat b.s..
The government employee unions own the Democrats on the City Council. Mayor Sanders is a Republican-In-Name-Only who is going along with this nonsense.
California is already one of the most heavily taxed states in the country.
If state and local governments can’t live on what they’re already getting, it’s because they’re wasting money — on a new downtown library, new city hall, Chargers stadium, teachers unions who give us failing schools and students, etc.
The only good thing about a sales tax increase is that it will hit the poor the hardest — the “victims” who claim that the rich are stealing from them when the rich pay most of the income taxes (according to the IRS, the top 10% of income earners pay over half of all federal income taxes that are collected; according to the State Franchise Tax Board, the top 1% of California income earners pay over half of all state income taxes that are collected.)
Hmm, maybe I AM for the sales tax increase after all!

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