POZitively Speaking
Published Thursday, 23-Sep-2010 in issue 1187
According to the Centers for Disease Control data collected in 2007/08 of the estimated number of diagnoses of HIV infection among MEN* in the 37 states with confidential name-based HIV infection, reporting by transmission category MSWM or (men who have sex with men), was 17,758. That’s up from years previous which was 16,992. Although not too much of a difference it seems the message of safe sex is getting out there. Some of the cultural behavior is much harder to break through, for example GLBT people of color lead among new HIV infection cases and in the category among Latinos it was 7,121.
This need for seed, so to speak, seems to be more of a headline grabber or attention getter. A cultural phenomenon is the BUG CHASERS, those from within the ranks of our own GLBT community purposely going out having unprotected sex at these cumm n’ dump parties which happen all over the metro area and County of San Diego, so I hear. Ok, I’ve been to maybe one purely for scientific research and development as I’ve gotta keep my ears to the pavement, what!!!!
Ok, ok Bug Chasers, Seed Seekers, and Virus takers/givers, ENOUGH of all that noise. We happen to have a fabulous top notch hospital, ranked #1 out of 15 research hospitals in country, yes, University of California San Diego. Do we who access services here in San Diego receive benefits, regular doctor visits, case management, treatment adherence, holistic AIDS response programs, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and dental, etc? YES we do. Those who are tapped in receive meds, primary and dental visits and so on, but only to meet the emergency response need on a federal level. Our wonderful planning council here in San Diego, who apply these monies to each of these categories, along with members of those affected/living with HIV must be involved with the planning and distribution process.
We as a community serve in silence everyday, whether giving of our time to food bank/panty, the GLBT Center or fund raising, etc. I believe to be a part of the final solution towards the eradication of this virus/disease, we who are directly affected, must be kinder to each other and stay strong. Our road to recovery or self-love, inside and out, is long. For those thinking this is hot to not wrap it up, that’s your choice, but I stress to everyone for your sake and the health of your partners, wear a condom and continue to stay safe. A life with HIV is not easy, nor is any life for that matter. We all come with struggles from within; try and get your selves to a place of peace and sanity. Social norms get on my nerves sometimes, too. I tend to color outside the lines being the artist that I am. LOOK it’s not fun, or pleasant to have the “HIV”, but find the positive in the “positive” and live your life the best way you can, for you!!
Soul Sistas!!!
Don’t forget to check out the Soul Sistas show the last Tuesday night every month at Urban Mo’s. Hostess, and my personal friend, fashionista Fontasia, with co-host Jasmine Masters of Dreamgirls, will be sure to shut it down, sock it to you, let you have it with no lubricant! OOOPS!!!! I was thinking of something else…Black Trade!! Haha just kidding. Special shout out to my sis/bro Daisia Le Blanc, one of the cast members. Also starring your fav TS with A SET of double D’s Carlotta Couture, and a rotating cast of performers, these “ladies” will be sure to TITillate your senses. Under Fontasia’s leadership, this show is sure to be a crowd pleaser. For information go to
Save the Date!!!
September 27th, 9:30 p.m. sharp at Urban Mo’s, Francesca presents another amazing show with a cause, benefiting the San Diego HIV/AIDS population. The proceeds will go to supply the unmet transportation needs under the current budget woes. Local and national entertainers will be out in force for this worthy cause. Check out Urban Mo’s website, for more information. Cheska gets my personal salute for over 40 years of service to this GLBT community.
JOIN ME! Sunday Sept. 26th, 2010. 21st Annual AIDS WALK, walking cuz I can, will continue to as long as I have life for those who can’t, will be out there so say “hello”, I’ll be walking with my husband Jonathan Minor boo-boo, and a Fantab-ulous org. Townspeople you heard…….! SHOUT OUT to my staff girls IVANIA, Amanda….being tag teamed by my boy Mark over there just kidding ….ahhhh….luv you guys!
In Service to the Crown I Remain, Adrian.
Tell me what you think?
*Feedback, what you’d like to see hear or addressed, I want your comments. Contact me at

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