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Published Thursday, 30-Sep-2010 in issue 1188
Dear Editor,
In honor of National Coming Out Day (October 11, 2010), we at Affirmations would like to take a moment to reflect on the continuous benefits to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT) brought about since Michigan’s recently passed smoke free law has been implemented.
During the coming out process, many people seek to connect with the LGBT community for support, encouragement, networking and socializing. It is wonderful for the LGBT community to now socialize and connect at bars and restaurants in Michigan without facing the dangers of second hand smoke.
Historically, statistics have shown that the LGBT community is 50% more likely to start and/or continue smoking compared to its straight counterpart. We are hopeful the future will continue to bring about positive changes resulting from the smoke-free law, including reduced exposure to second hand smoke.
Michigan has moved in the right direction by aiming to protect its citizens from the harmful effects of tobacco. Thank you for helping to contribute to the good health in the LGBT community.
London J. Bell, JD
Viper says:
Giving this case to a gay judge, was no different to giving the matches to a pyromaniac, and wondering who started the fire.
gary says:
You are full of it...according to your reasoning, a divorced, male, straight judge should not hear divorce cases because he would be prejudiced against women because of his own divorce. A Christian judge should not rule on gay marriage because he or she would be prejudiced. A judge who donates to planned parenthood should not hear an abortion rights case because he has a point of view! and on and on....who the heck, Mr. Viper, do you think would be left to hear any cases?
Mitchell says:
Certain classes are exempt from equaltreatment. For instance: military personnel, gay blood donors, drafting women, etc.
Life is unfair.
Jamie S says:
I wanted to make a trip to Montana to drive the “Going to the Sun” highway and see Glacier Nat’l Park. Now I’m not sure whether to take my money elsewhere, or take some additional friends and a big rainbow flag.
Shouldn’t a state with one of the most popular National Parks be just a tiny bit more progressive?
Come to think of it, isn’t “Brokeback Mountain” somewhere up in that neck of the woods.
Jamie S

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