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Conversations with Nicole
Published Thursday, 30-Sep-2010 in issue 1188
Well I’ll be very busy next week…Stuart Milk (founder, Harvey Milk Foundation) is coming into town and so is Miguel Claudio Jimenez Vizcarra (Mexican Tequila Business Baron)…major announcements coming soon!
Heroes, Pioneers and Trailblazers;
2011 Honorees:
The Lambda Archives of San Diego will soon officially announce the 2011 Honorees of their prestigious “Heroes, Pioneers and Trailblazers” presentation and among the well deserved recipients are: AL BEST the first openly gay candidate to run for office in San Diego. GLORIA JOHNSON Ms. N.O.W. and Ms. Democrat of our community. BILL BECK, major charity, civil rights, AIDS, and political fundraiser. JENNIFER LE SAR community, civil leader and co-founder of GLBT Youth Housing Complex. LARRY BAZA, gay Latino community leader in the arts, politics and civil rights. COL. STEWART BORNHOFT “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” leader, spokesperson. DOUG CASE, civil rights political activist and GLBT students advocate. JUDY SHAIM, community leader and San Diego Pride. MAX DISPOSTI, North County gay leader. GEORGE MURPHY Center co-founder, M.C.C. pillar, community leader and JEFF WINNE and CAROL PIERCE co-founders – FRONT RUNNERS.
Some of these honorees have been activists in our community since the 1970’s! All are true heroes and indeed some are real trailblazers and pioneers.
This 4th Annual Lambda Archives Gala and Honors are set for February 11, 2011.
Bonnie Dumanis and Jennifer LeSar endorse Ron Roberts
Two of San Diego’s most respected civic leaders and members of our GLBT community have endorsed Ron Roberts for County Supervisor. Bonnie Dumanis a former superior court judge (first open lesbian) and Jennifer LeSar, co-founder of the Center’s GLBT Youth Housing Complex (and wife of Toni Atkins) have both not only endorsed but made financial contributions to Ron Roberts’ campaign. Roberts has been a strong supporter of GLBT equality and HIV/AIDS for well over three decades.
Dear Brian Bazinet
My phone and email blew up over very upset community members concerning a past Center board president and current Mama’s Kitchen board member comments to Councilman Todd Gloria when it came to our growing homeless problem (more women and children). Successful gay businessman Brian Bazinet commented over Gloria joining former Deputy Mayor Toni Atkins, Supervisor Ron Roberts, Congresswoman Susan Davis spending hours with downtown homeless…Bazinet stated “I have an idea. Let’s give them a one way ticket to Florida.” Really Brian?!?! This does not sound like a very compassionate person especially one that serves on the board of Mama’s Kitchen…I hope you never lose your businesses.
Joseph Rocha in Newsweek Magazine
Twenty four year old Navy veteran Joseph Rocha does not only do San Diego proud but all GLBT Americans in his profile in the current issue of Newsweek Magazine…this major story on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” profiles four American GLBT veterans who would return to the military if the ban is lifted. Joseph’s, who is this weeks GL Times cover story, picture in Newsweek is outstanding since it was taken by White House photographer Charles Ommanney whose wife is currently on Bravo’s “Housewives of D.C.”!!
“Mayor” Bevan Dufty of San Francisco???
Toni Atkins, Ron Roberts and Jennifer LeSar helping the homeless in downtown San Diego
Will San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty become the first openly gay mayor of this “city by the bay”???? One thing for sure he is considered by all one of the front runners. I had a nice talk with Bevan last week (he is like a son to me) and his campaign is going well and he is raising good money and getting strong endorsements including that of popular City Treasurer Jose Cisneros.
Bevan Dufty has refused to accept campaign contributions outside of his city. One of Bevan’s major opponents is popular City Attorney Dennis Herrera (who I had a private meeting with some months ago)…he would become the first “Latino” mayor if elected. There are still rumors that Senator Mark Leno could enter the race and if current Mayor Gavin Newsom is elected Lt. Governor….it’s a totally new ball game!!
Calling on all people of color
GLBT people of color are all invited to attend this weekend’s “National Black & Brown Regional Summit” at the San Diego GLBT Center. A “welcome” reception will be this Friday, October 1 (6-8:00 p.m.) at the Center and the all day conference will be Saturday October 2 (9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) at the Center (breakfast and lunch will be provided).
Some well known national GLBT people of color activists will be flying in to town for this important conference.
Judging “cupcakes” at USD
Yes you read right. Last week I was invited by the GLBT Student Organization at the University of San Diego to judge a cupcake competition! USD Pride sponsored this fun event held outside the Student Pavilion.
The proceeds of this cupcake competition and sale resulted in over $2,500 to San Diego AIDS Walk. The USD Pride team was made up of both gay and straight students. USD as you know is run by the conservative Catholic Archdiocese of San Diego and they aren’t happy having a GLBT organization on their campus. But I found all the students to be supportive and friendly. I was especially impressed with Prides faculty advisor, Professor Evelyn A. Kirkley a wonderful woman. A big thank you to Pride co-chair Alex Lazaro for making me feel so welcome and congratulations to cupcake winner Sierra Fostia whose winning entry was titled “Popcorn cupcake”!
“Premios Latinos III” coming April 10th
The third presentation of the “Latino Awards de San Diego” (Premios Latinos) has been set for Sunday, April 10th, 2011 at the Center.
Founded by the late community activist Rafael Holquin these Latino Awards will return
to our GLBT community scene with new producers and exciting changes…all to benefit the Center’s “Latino Community Services”, the Tijuana AIDS Fund and the Imperial Court.

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