Business Spotlight: Casa Del Encanto Interiors
Published Thursday, 30-Sep-2010 in issue 1188
145 W. Washington Street
San Diego, CA 92103
Casa Del Encanto Interiors is a full service Interior Design firm as well as a retail showroom for gifts, accessories, furnishings, dried floral arrangements, lighting, antiques, candles, tabletop and countless other things.
The business was started in 1985 in Encanto Park, Phoenix, Arizona by Luis Corona. Luis, originally born in Mexico, was the son of a gifted mother that had a passion for nature and beauty. Luis arrived in San Diego in the late 60’s and had moved to Phoenix in 1982 to pursue his career in interiors. He landed a position with an interior design firm and floral shop in Scottsdale, AZ. Then, just 3 years later he founded Casa Del Encanto. Over the past 23 years the company has flourished in both Arizona and Southern California, winning numerous awards for interior design as well as being named a Master of the Southwest in 1993.
Michael Barron, originally from New Jersey, left home at 18 and became a United States Marine for 4 years. After his service he returned to New Jersey only to leave 3 years later to move to Arizona to pursue his education in interior design. In the spring of 1989 Michael met Luis and started working with him in his spare time while obtaining his degree in interior design. He became a partner in the firm in the mid 90’s. Michael has continued his education in the architectural field, and has designed many residential and commercial buildings.
Casa Del Encanto Interiors design services range from a basic consultation to a full service turnkey custom home from conception to completion. Luis and Michael are experienced in working with architects, builders, all sub contractors’ and homeowners as well as other designers to complete a project. They can provide complete design project specifications for new construction as well as for remodels. Their services include interior architectural elevations, lighting, colorizing, furniture placement and materials specifications. States Luis, “We help our clients make their dreams become a reality.”
“Our showroom enables us to give our clients the best products at the best prices. We can custom make any piece of furniture, whether upholstered or carved work, or fabricated metal. We also have access to all manufacturers so we can also make our clients money go further in today’s economy.” adds Luis.
The Casa Del Encanto Interiors website is a testimony to their craft as it is a gallery of superb interiors and beautiful pieces of furniture.
Luis and Michael both love San Diego and states,” What excited us about moving to San Diego, and placing our business here in the Mission Hills/Hillcrest area, was the community. We enjoy having our business in this diverse and exciting neighborhood. We really want to help the area feel good, enjoy life and forget about the past few years and the dreadful economic state we were in. We intend to get more involved in everything the neighborhood has to offer, as well as what we have to offer them. We have already become members of the GSDBA, and are currently looking into the Mission Hills Business Improvement District.”

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