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Supper and a beer with “Little Nicky”
Published Thursday, 07-Oct-2010 in issue 1189
With just a few short weeks left to the Mid Term Elections I encourage everyone to vote and make a commitment to get their family and friends out to cast their ballots. At the printing of this article the San Diego County Registrar of Voters opened for early voting. Please get out and vote!
This week my scheduled guest was Community Volunteer Extraordinaire, Mr. Mike Williams. Unfortunately he was ill so I thought it would be fun to ask “Little Nicky” to join me. We selected Bourbon Street Bar & Grill. Our freakish thunder and rain storm last week created the desire for some good old fashion comfort food.
Ready to debrief from our work day and everything else we opted for a couple of items that do a great job in satisfying those cravings. They are Mac’ n’ Cheese and Kobe Beef Mini Burgers. This was my first time dining at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill since the remodel. They have done an outstanding job in making this one of the top places in town for our community to gather with good friends. The energy is great and the staff very sexy and friendly. You know me I want good eye candy along with my meal.
Little Nicky ordered a beer and I had a coke. While we waited for our dinner to arrive our server brought a canister of tasty potato chips. Weary of what this would do to my weight loss plan I trod lightly and only tasted a couple. When the food arrived my first thought at looking at the Mac’ n’ Cheese was oh my GAWD does this look good. The top perfectly crusted over adding to the taste and texture of the Smoked Andouille sausage with garlic, parmesan bread crumbs and baked gratin. I bet you can’t just have one bite Little Nicky spouted off. I laughed and said you’re probably right.
The Kobe Beef Mini Burgers were also a sight for sore eyes. There is just something about this combination that really soothes the soul. The burgers just perfect in size and the meat was out of this world. I ate one burger and had a small portion of the Mac’ n’ Cheese then asked Little Nicky to take the rest home. I have learned to eat smaller portions and still enjoy myself while dining out.
In looking at our experience here I would give them an overall THUMBS UP! This is a very casual place for relaxing and having fun with your good friends.
Other exciting happenings at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill include Happy Hour Tuesday – Sunday from 4pm – 7pm Half Price Half Yards of Beer and $3 Skyy Flavor Drinks. The Happy Hour Food Menu offers a wide selection of items for only $6.99 and all sides are only $3.00
The Happy Hour Menu includes Short Rib Manwich, Andouille Sausage Sandwich, Bourbon Bleu Burger, Andouille Mac’ n’ Cheese, Tri-tip Sandwich, Chicken Po-boy, Kobe Corn Dog, Bourbon Skewer Sampler and Kobe Hot Dog Sliders.
Specials of the week: Tuesdays: Going Postal people living in 92116, 92103 and 92104 Zip Codes receive 30% off with food check with proof of residence. - Wednesdays: Skewer Bar Night – All Skewers off all night long – Thursdays: Beer Pairing – Order any entrée and get the Pairing Beer for just $1 – Fridays: RED Eye Flight Night – Get half price light when your order an Entrée – Saturdays: Dinner with the Dream Girls from 7 – 10 on the Patio They offer a Three Course Prix Fix Dinner Menu for $15 with a choice of entrée, side, and dessert. Seating is limited and reservations online are strongly recommended. Over the years Bourbon Street has been and remains a popular place in our community. I would personally like to thank Chuck and his entire staff for making our dining experience fun and enjoyable.
Bourbon Street is located at 4612 Park Blvd in University Heights. 619-291-4063 Website: www.bourbonstreetsd.com
Until Next Week, Papa Frank

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