Mayor Jerry Sanders, Mexican Tequila baron Miguel Claudio Jimenez Vizcarra and City Councilman Todd Gloria.
Conversations with Nicole
Published Thursday, 07-Oct-2010 in issue 1189
In past columns in the last few years I have written about the issue of Bullying in our schools many times…I hope and pray that now all Americans….especially our community has awoken to this crisis. In one of my past columns I wrote that if “only1/4” of the energy, money, time that has been spent on Marriage Equality and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was focused on GLBT suicides and bullying this issue would have gotten further…we must make our GLBT youth/students who are coming out every day at younger ages our community’s No. 1 PRIORITY!
Take a stand against School Bullying: October 17
San Diegans will be coming together on Sunday, October 17 to take a united stand against all bullying…this rally/vigil will be at the San Diego Unified Schools District Administration in Hillcrest (4100 Normal Street)…the hour rally (6-7 p.m.) will be sponsored by many organizations and groups including the LGBT Center (which has taken the lead) and the City of San Diego’s Human Relations Commission. Please come out on October 17th…bring your friends, neighbors, families, students, parents, etc., etc. The rally/vigil is entitled San Diegans for Safe Schools and now more than ever we must all take a stand and protect our youth. (619) 692-2077 ext: 103.
“GAY BAITING” in the 6th Council Campaign???
Many GLBT community leaders were rightfully upset that the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council sent out a mailer to the voters in the 6th City Council District that included a picture of Councilman Carl DeMaio with “WHO IS GAY” underneath it!!! In my over 40 years of local political campaigns involvement NEVER can I say that a candidate or public office holder who happens to be LGBT has been identified as “GAY” in even the worse Radical Right hit pieces…that the first such political mailer ever to do so comes from our friends and allies at the Labor Council is very disturbing and comes close to “gay baiting”. I voiced these concerns to the executive director of the San Diego- Imperial Counties Labor Council….has this political hit piece which identified Councilman DeMaio as “gay” opened the door to future elections that will have political mailers identify candidates or current office holders as gay or lesbian??? about one stating he or she is “bisexual”. This should be unacceptable in any campaign for what ever reasons or “political points” that are trying to be made….period.
I must also disagree with our Editor (Christina MacNeal) and her news story in last week’s issue of The Gay & Lesbian Times which also included a hit piece about the 6th District Council Campaign. There was no need to bring out SDGLN and SDPIX owner Jonathan Hale over supposed “rumors” or bring in a “Psychotherapist” to analyze a candidate that he has never met or even talked to….to me this story belonged in the National Enquirer….but fasten your seat belts as we’re just weeks away from the election and these political mailers, hit pieces and attacks will probably get worse.
Carlos Marquez
Only seven San Diegan citizens were appointed to one of the most important commissions in our city, the Redistricting Commission which will be making its recommendations to the Mayor and City Council when it comes to the upcoming redistricting of not only our eight current council seats but the making of a now ninth city council seat. Carlos Marquez a very bright young graduate of SDSU and currently the LGBT Center’s Director of Community Programs and Public Affairs was appointed to this commission (a one year term) and this indeed was an outstanding appointment that will benefit all the citizens of San Diego. Marquez who is a well known gay/Latino community activist has worked in the past for the United Way, A.C.L.U. and S.E.I.U. local/221. I t is important to note that the well qualified Marquez is one of the youngest appointees to this commission. Some years ago I wrote in my column that Carlos Marquez among some other gay/Latinos were possible future public officials….later The Gay & Lesbian Times named him one of the “15 under 30” LGBT political figures to watch. It is many of our hopes that the Redistricting Commission will make the new 9th City Council seat one that includes all the Asian-Pacific Islander Neighborhoods into one district. Carlos has a most important responsibility in front of him and I know we all wish him the very best.
Redistricting Commissioner Carlos Marquez with President Obama.
Pride in Oceanside: October 9
The Annual North County Pride is this Saturday October 9 and it’s always a great event “Pride @ the Beach!”…it’s from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in downtown Oceanside (238 N. The Strand) and it’s for everyone and of course sponsored by the good people of the North County LGBT Coalition. So hope to see you all up there. For more info: (760) 672-1848
Equality Torch Relay Sunday, October 10
To me one of the most important, now annual, events that brings us all together…San Diego, North County, East County and South Bay is the “2010 Equality Torch Relay” presented by San Diego LGBT Pride…it’s this Sunday, October 10 and will be a part of “National Coming Out Day”. Torch bearers will set out on their routes from all over San Diego County at 8:30 a.m. with an inspiring and powerful “Closing Ceremony” (Yes like the Olympics) at 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. this Sunday at the LGBT Center and you’re all invited….this years theme is “Unite, Inspire, Change”….For more info: (619) 297-7683.
Tequila Caballito Cerrero coming to San Diego
Mexican Tequila baron Senor Miguel Claudio Jimenez Vizcarra and one of his corporate attorneys, Juan Carlos Romero Zendejas were in San Diego this week to finalize bringing their company and product to North America next year and opening up their distribution headquarters in San Diego. Senor Vizcarra’s family has produced some of the finest Tequila in the world for over 300 years at their renowned “Fabrica Santa Rita” factory in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Senors Jimenez and Zendejas spent four days in San Diego full of meetings, dinners, receptions etc. Among civic leaders they had talks with were Councilman Todd Gloria whose district this business will have its American headquarters in, Mayor Jerry Sanders, future State Assemblywoman Toni Atkins as well as retaining local cross border corporate attorneys for this exciting new adventure (San Diego will benefit from this new major business.) This company will also launch a special brand of Tequila aimed at the GLBT market (very Absolut Vodka like campaign) with 15% of sales being donated to a national GLBT foundation.
Thank you International Federation of Black Prides
Last week the board of directors of the International Federation of Black Prides (headquartered in Washington, D.C.) presented me with a beautiful award, but because of illness I wasn’t able to attend and accept it personally, but I very much appreciate this international recognition from the GLBT black community and especially Earl D. Fowlkes, President of I.F.B.P. who I have highly respected for many years…thank you I.F.B.P. for bringing GLBT people of color together.

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