POZitively Speaking
Published Thursday, 07-Oct-2010 in issue 1189
Thousands participated in the 21st Annual Aids Walk Run event, in Balboa Park, to raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS, and raise funds for more that 20 San Diego County organizations. From its beginning in 1989, the Annual Aids Walk Run event has helped raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS, which has become an epidemic of global proportions. The event helps to raise funds through donations to help over twenty San Diego County service organizations. The San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative combines donations from other philanthropists and foundations qualifying for matching funds and has raised millions over the years, distributing half a million dollars to community-based HIV/AIDS service organizations in San Diego County last year. Also, once funds are allocated to service organizations, matching funds from the likes of Elton John AIDS Foundation and MAC cosmetics etc. are added into the pot. Thank you, San Diego, for all your hard work. Fundraising isn’t easy I know, as Prince Royale of the Imperial Court de San Diego it takes a village; bravo to all those who took part and those that will receive; as a client of many of these community based organizations like Townspeople, Family Health Centers of San Diego, Gay & Lesbian Center, Being Alive & Mama’s Pantry, it is so very important to know and see how it affects everyday people in your own community. I encourage all those who walked and ran this past weekend to find a service provider and volunteer some hours so you can see the many faces your dollars have touched!
to Mayor John Heilman of the ever fantabulous City of West Hollywood, GO IN!
Mayor Heilman, truly a public servant for the people; unlike recent scandal plagued City of Bell, Ca., Mayor Heilman forwarded me excellent resources on affordable housing in WEHO, truly a cornerstone for Mayor Heilman. I believe favorite issue affordable housing, “where do I sleep, lay protected , free of violence?” To thrive as members of this GLBT community we should not only “stand up” for but wave the flag of support, “MUCHIAS GRACIAS” Senor Alcalde John Heilman de el Ciudad de West Hollywood, Ca “SI SE PUDE”, “YES WE CAN” Dios te bendiga siempre! BRAVO!
Adams Avenue Street Fair
Over 70 musical acts on six stages, three beer gardens, 300 craft & food vendors, giant carnival rides, Adams Avenue Street fair is one of California’s largest and free street fairs in the state! I attended this event on this hot and yucky heat wave weekend geez, food was excellent, bar-b-que, to battle of bands most popular I’d say was reggae playing a-top El Zarape Mexican restaurant both nights Sat & Sun. County Board of Supervisor Democratic Nominee Stephan Whitburn was out in full force backed by Sen. Christine Kehoe and State Assembly Candidate Toni Atkins. Stephan was beating the pavement, shaking hands and doing the meet and greet, rustling up votes on his way into this November general election, getting people interested again in the political process. It seems to be that with so much scandal afoot what with what’s been going on up in City of Bell, Ca. the public purse should have oversight by its constituents. The people have the power, know that electing good people into office doesn’t end at the ballot box but also, must have the active involvement of the community whether that be in volunteer committees, boards,etc. Government works when you also take part in your future for your community and your local interests. I also got a chance to speak to my very own city council representative the ever handsome and FINE, City Councilman Todd Gloria. We talked on issues concerning this years budget and the cutting of many programs and services. It is indeed a sad time for many affected. I urge you and Councilman urges you a VOTE YES ON D. To read and learn more on this initiative please visit:
Check for street fair next year!
Consider Adoption?
Help for the Homeless Pet out of Ramona, Ca. is where I got my rescued new baby red nose Pit Bull Terrier. She’s so awesome! Beautiful brindle and white, fabulous strong face, head, body. Classic features just what I love; I recommend SPCA classes; very affordable for new puppies. Know a dog adds so much to your life, mine at moment and although Portia Isabella or “BELLA” for short, nips me more than I’d like, when I’m trying to get my groove on with my man or early morning when she jumps on our bed to wake us up to pee -“DO THE BUISNESS.” She’s ALL I EVER WANTED AND NEEDED TO GET ME THROUGH ROUGH N TOUGH DAYS. CONTACT: Help for the Homeless Pet @: PO BOX 1406, Ramona,Ca. 92065. / 619.825.6168/619.461.4939 please ask for Chelsea Tucker. She’s a huge fan & ally of GLBT comm.., know you’ll get a deal.My pit came spayed w/ initial shots and microchip @ a steal of a price for this champion working breed canine. WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!
Health Alert:
Those with compromised immune systems Hiv/Aids, and elderly especially, remember to stay warm, eat enough, take your Hiv meds or regular meds on scheduled times, get rest, and drink plenty of fluids. If you haven’t received your H1N1 flu shot please do so. You can get them through the county and many co-op businesses and community partnerships around town. Please check the county website for more info:
Stay Encouraged, know your god loves all of you, Be blessed, Don’t Stress, Take the test, Fuck the rest, Shop Food for Less, and please don’t fuck with no birds nest……or do your best.-
In Service to the Crown I Remain,
His. Serene. Highness.
Prince Royale Adrian.
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