Published Thursday, 25-Mar-2004 in issue 848
Gaylaxicon, the annual national gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and friend’s science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics and gaming convention, is coming to San Diego April 8-12. This year’s gaming extravaganza features panels of speakers, an art show and auction, a book dealers’ room, and Gaylaxicon staples such as “Gaylactic Jeopardy”, the Chocolate Symposium, a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show and a masquerade ball.
Keynote speakers include Sci-Fi author David Gerrold, artist Joe Philips and actress Virginia Hey, the woman behind Zhaan of Farscape and Warrior Woman of Mad Max II.
Taking place at the Red Lion Hanalei Hotel, the five-day convention includes a pre-event tour of Legoland on April 7 and a morning Temecula wine tour on April 8. The event officially opens at 12:00 noon on April 8 and runs late into the night through April 12, concluding with a Hornblower harbor dinner cruise.
Membership to Gaylaxicon 2004 is $60 at the door. Email for further information.

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