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Published Thursday, 26-Jan-2006 in issue 944
This summer, I experienced a first. I received my first invitation for not only a gay wedding, but a Jewish wedding. The date had been set for the first Saturday in January, which, if it weren’t for the stupid veto power of Arnold the governator, could have been a real wedding in the eyes of the state, complete with the rights and responsibilities that we’ve been fighting for. Despite the interference of Arnold, the wedding went on as planned, but the whole thing got me to thinking… what really is going to be new for 2006?
Something new
While the gang was headed out to Rich’s for some dancing after starting their Friday night off with a couple of rounds of drinks at Martinis Above Fourth, I was headed home to get some shut-eye because I was flying to Sacramento the next day for the big gay Jewish wedding of my college buddy Marc and his boyfriend, Robb. Of course, my college gal pal Gina was there to meet me at the airport, and whisked me away to an early brunch where the bottomless mimosas were flowing.
After experiencing my first gay wedding, and my first Jewish wedding (which was very moving), it was off to the reception. While we were picking up our table assignments, I realized that the entire college gang was seated at table 7 while I was assigned to mystery table 4. But then I realized what Marc and Robb had done as people started to take their seats. I was assigned to the single gay guy table, and I was about to be set up. Of course, the hot guy I was checking out from the wedding ended up seated next to me, and, as luck would have it, we hit it off. After several rounds of cosmos from the hosted bar and some encouragement from Marc the groom and Gina the fabulous, I decided it was time to go.
“I think I’m going to head out with him, but I want to go back to the hotel room and change,” I whispered to Gina on the dance floor. “I don’t want to make the walk of shame in a Hugo Boss suit and tie.”
“Honey,” Gina exclaimed, “it’s not truly a walk of shame unless you make it in a suit and tie!”
Something not blue
“That’s not funny,” Alex said to me as we headed out for our Monday night dinner date at Baja Betty’s.
“Yes it is,” I protested. “You know, because it’s like… a fabulous walk of shame because of the suit and tie.”
“It’s fabulous, but not funny,” Alex continued. “When exactly is your column due?”
“In two weeks. Why?” I asked.
“Then I have two weeks to come up with something funnier,” Alex said modestly.
We arrived at the restaurant ahead of my friend Rob, who was joining us for dinner. Rob just moved here from Arizona. He and his partner, Chris, have been friends of mine since we met playing in a softball tournament in Phoenix two years ago. While we were waiting for Rob to arrive, I opted for a break from my usual blue Kick Ass Margarita to try the delicious Pomegranate Margarita, which made me forget about my apparent lack of a sense of humor.
So it’s not borrowed, but definitely well used
I was bitching out on my workout at the gym, and I was fully expecting to hear about it from my best bud and gym guru, Brian, so I decided to beat him to the punch saying, “I don’t want to hear about it, I screwed my shoulder up again this weekend and I don’t want to make it any worse than it already is.”
“How did you mess your shoulder up at a wedding?” Brian said, knowing full well that I would have one hell of a story for him.
I explained that when I hooked up at the wedding, I was wrestling around in bed with this guy that I was set up with, and at one point my shoulder popped in and out. The shoulder problem started because of a softball injury, but it seems to be affecting other aspects of my life as well now. After the gym, while I was nursing my shoulder and enjoying a huge meal at Brians’ American Eatery, it dawned on me.
“Come to think of it, I screwed it up with the last guy I had sex with, too,” I said to Brian.
DJ Kimberly S. will spin on Saturday, Feb. 4, at Rich’s Salvation.
“Man, how are you ever going to make a living with your shoulder that messed up?” Brian joked, and I’m sure he was referring to me shaking martinis over my head at the bar.
We’re getting there
With Rob officially living in San Diego, and his boyfriend Chris visiting, I knew I was going to be expected to make an appearance after I got off work on Friday night. Fortunately for me, it seems that all roads were leading to Rich’s for my friends. And since I live only a block away, it made perfect sense for me to run home to change quickly and get to the club.
Chris and Rob had started out at Hamburger Mary’s and The Flame, while Alex, Tyler and Dylan had taken the Martinis Above Fourth and Bourbon Street route to Rich’s, where everyone was having a ball.
After introductions had been made, I pulled Rob off to the side to see how he was adjusting to his new job and life in San Diego in general.
“I’ve got everything all worked out,” Rob explained. “I even have my schedule set up so that I’m off on Wednesdays and Sundays, which means I can have drinks all afternoon at Mary’s every Sunday!”
Something that has apparently gotten old
“Come on, you’ve got to admit that’s funny,” I demanded after cracking a joke during one of my regular Monday night dinners with Alex and Brian.
“I never said it wasn’t funny,” Alex responded. “I just don’t like to stroke your ego.”
“Speaking of, no more wet underwear contests,” Brian added.
I pleaded no contest, and said I was hanging up my wet ones since I did the finals at Bacchus House last week. I didn’t do too badly; I took second place and got some free tans at Tan Line out of it – and lord knows I need the sun.
“You did do a good job of shaking it,” Brian said, “though when you were in the shower, Alex even had to go do a shot.”
I looked at Alex somewhat confused.
“Yes, Travis, I literally did a shot,” Alex admitted. “You drove me to drink so I could cheer for you. Are you happy?”
Everything old is new again
So far there are new friends in town, new adventures on the road and new fun to be had at all of the hot spots around town. It’s a good idea to keep it fun and fresh, and whether that means trying one of the new restaurants that are opening up around town, like DMOOD in University Heights, or trying out a new club night like Tiki Tuesdays at The Brass Rail, it’s never hard to find something new in this town. And for you sports fans, don’t miss the Super Bowl Party at Flicks on Sunday, Feb. 5. Watch the Seattle Seahawks battle the Pittsburgh Steelers on Flicks’ all-new high-definition plasma screens. There will be happy hour prices during the entire game and pizza at halftime!
If you need help keeping track of your schedule, pick up the new Rocket Calendar at Obelisk Bookstore because the money goes to a great cause (Ordinary Miracles is back and better than ever). All you have to do is look around, talk with your friends or take new friends with you, and you’ll find that there is a lot to be excited about in 2006.

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