Porn Star Cameron Fox will appear at Rafael’s video wrap party at Bacchus House this Saturday night
Haute Coco
Published Thursday, 11-Sep-2003 in issue 820
A day of remembrance
Exactly two years ago today, I got up late one morning to vote in the elections. As has been my habit in the morning, I turned on the television to my local news channel, New York 1. Just then, I received a frantic call from my office assistant, who was stuck in the subway because of an unknown tragedy that had just struck NYC. At that same minute, I was stunned to see on TV that the World Trade Center was on fire. What I didn’t know then was that a suicide bomber had just flown a commercial airliner into the first tower. The next few minutes were some of the most harrowing moments I will probably ever encounter. The city fell into silent chaos as we learned of this monumental act of terrorism that would forever change our lives. I rushed out of my home to join other New Yorkers as the city came to a standstill and we walked aimlessly in a trance and watched — as if in a silent black and white movie — the second tower come crumbling down and a great big mushroom of gray smoke bellow into the sky. At the time, I was living about two miles away from the World Trade Center. I felt like I was right there, yet so far away.
September 11, 2001, will forever be a rude and devastating awakening for the United States. Had I not planned on doing my civic duty and exercising my right to vote, I would have been on that subway on my way to work, which would have dropped me off at World Trade Center Tower #5. I guess I’ll never know if I would have survived to write this column today, but I know for sure that my old life ended and a new one began at that moment. Like other New Yorkers and Americans all over the country, for me, the next 12 months were a surreal montage of anguish, fear, uncertainty, anger, confusion, determination, exhaustion, unity and a new appreciation for our freedom — a fragile freedom that has been forever compromised. I remember New York going through the code “red” terror alert a year ago on the first anniversary of the attacks. On this, the second anniversary, no matter what color code is raised, we will all be reminded that we do not live in the same America we used to know.
Two days ago, I visited the site where the World Trade Center once stood proudly — two tall, plain buildings that I always took for granted. I am still in awe at the size of the hole that has been created as work begins on the new development. I am still in disbelief that over 3,000 of my fellow New Yorkers were victims of hate and terrorism. I still cannot fathom what would drive a person to have so little regard for human life that they would commit such a heinous act of destruction.
Two years ago we lost more than 3,000 lives, over 500 of them rescue workers. We also lost a certain innocence that used to make life so much simpler and promising. We have lost an element of trust in human kindness that used to make us different. As such, I stopped to say a little prayer; a prayer not only for all the lives lost that fateful day, but a prayer that we may have learned some valuable lessons about ourselves. I, for one, have learned to appreciate the little things that are important in my life — my friends, family, health, job, community and freedom.
Meet royalty and hot men
If you haven’t met them yet as they’ve been making their rounds, get set to meet the newly elected Emperor and Empress of the Imperial Court de San Diego, Robi and Christina, up close and personal, this Saturday, Sept. 13, 8:00 p.m. at Bacchus House. Come enjoy the festivities and hear about their plans for the year. Or better yet, join the Court and volunteer. This blue-blooded soiree is a benefit for the Queen Eddie Youth Fund.
Immediately following the “Meet the Monarchs” event, stay for the “wrap party” of Emperor XXXI Rafael’s new video Living on the Rim. Shot entirely at the home of a local bar owner and his “doctor” partner, this video will feature over a dozen hot guys at a pool party overlooking the canyons. Some of the hot hunks expected to appear at the party include All World’s Video exclusive Barrett 10” Long, Sledge, and Cameron Fox. Expect some hot bods and surprises.
Gay Erotic Expo
Hold on to your pants, take a deep breath and keep your cool. Yes, the first L.A. Gay Erotic Expo is happening next weekend (Sept 20-21) at the Los Angeles Convention Center. After their successful debut in NYC last year, the folks behind the Gay Life Expo are bringing their homoerotic consumer show devoted exclusively to gay adult entertainment to the West Coast. There will be lots of porn stars, video companies, adult websites, leather and fetish gear, S/M accoutrements and personal toy vendors. I will be taking a coterie of beauties from All Worlds Video with me to the show.
So if you’re feeling fancy free and sexual entertainment is your gig, here’s your chance to meet the stars of your wet dreams and get videos, DVDs, that studded leather jock, or that Jeff Stryker ding-dong at el cheapo prices. Sorry, batteries not included.
It’s raining men at Bacchus House
Emperor Robi and Empress Cristina meet and greet the community
Splash, the Wet Underwear Experience, will hold its finals on Thursday, Sept. 25. Past winners from the underwear wet-down contest will compete for $400 cash. The contest starts at 11:00 p.m., so come early for those coveted “in-your-face” seats for the best view and drink specials all night.
News flash! Beginning Oct. 2 and every Thursday thereafter, I shall be hosting the new “It’s Raining Men” sweaty, okay maybe just wet, underwear contest at Bacchus House. Showtime will be at 11:00 p.m., and don’t even think about making me wait for you to show up late. As they say, the early bird gets the big one. We’ll be giving out the biggest cash prize of all underwear contests in town. And if you’re extra nice, I might even show you my own Victoria Secret. Aren’t you getting wet just thinking about it?
Don’t do it BEN!
Three days to go and I’m still waiting for my invitation to the wedding of my boyfriend and that Bronx homegirl, J-Lo. The ultra-secret wedding of the year is supposedly taking place this Sunday at an estate near Santa Barbara to be catered by the Four Seasons. The 33-year-old Latina bombshell will be wearing a Vera Wang, hopefully not in white this time. Rumor has it that guests have to sign a confidentiality agreement. Despite his well-known womanizing and gambling habit, J & B seem committed to make this show last longer than Gigli’s run at the box office. And while there is no truth to the rumor that ex-boyfriend Matt Damon will be taking me to the wedding, it is common knowledge that I will try to crash Ben’s ‘bachelor’ gig and be the surprise ‘girl’ to pop out of the cake. So, if anyone out there has info on where the party is going to be or has an invite, I will be your love slave for 30 days if you bring me along.
Happy Birthday Toddy!
A very belated birthday to artistic genius Todd Marflake. Todd is responsible for all the gorgeous graphic design behind The Sandies and the recent Coronation Ball. He is also the master that makes me look good in print every time I get crafty with one of my themes. If you can’t afford Botox or plastic surgery, at least have a great art director as a friend!
$87 billion license to kill
In essence, President Bush — the baby one — wants America (that means you and I, baby) to give him our blessings to spend more money on a senseless war and justify more American casualties. This is all because he wants us to believe that if we don’t, there will be a nuclear terror attack. He is determined to stretch his four-year term on this war effort, because it is his only agenda and he has no clue what to do to solve all of the other, more immediate problems facing our country. I urge you to stop for a minute and imagine what $87 billion can do? How about fixing our economy? How about finding a cure for AIDS and other diseases? How about concentrating on fighting crime and drug problems here in America? How about improving our education system or a comprehensive healthcare system for all Americans? You get the point.
And since we have started the ball rolling, we might as well start a Recall Bush campaign and send him to Iraq. He should lead by example and be on the front lines. Surely he must be willing to give up his life for his country as much as he expects all of us to do the same.
Hot Boyz at Numbers
That’s right; don’t miss out on the Go-Go-Boyz finals at Numbers this Tuesday, Sept. 16. The fabulous Chad Michaels will be bringing you the best of the best from previous months as they strut their stuff to fame and fortune. I shall be backstage fluffing the boyz for your entertainment pleasure. Gee, the lengths I go to for your viewing pleasure — so make sure and send me my cocktails backstage. Mama needs to quench her thirst in between her chores.

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